Dr. Matthias Heiden is Chief Financial officer at IFS. 

Matthias is responsible for leading the finance organisation and for ensuring the financial and related administrative functions are supporting the company’s growth strategy and create value for all parts of the business. 

Previous positions included Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Software AG and at SAF-HOLLAND Group where he was also a member of the Management Board. Heiden also held several senior leadership positions at SAP including Regional CFO for the ME&E region.  

Matthias has built his career in technology by demonstrating strong leadership skills and delivering measurable value to the business. His success has been centered on transforming financial organizations and provide strategic insights to the business. He played a central role in shifting SAP and Software AG to their respective subscription business models.  

Matthias Heiden is a member of the Executive Board and Treasurer of the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Stockholm, and Member of the Advisory Board of the IHB, Düsseldorf.

He holds a degree in Business Administration and a PhD in Economics from the University of Saarland. In addition to his apprenticeship at Deutsche Bank in London, he studied Business & Finance at Suffolk College, UK

Matthias joined IFS in February 2023 and his focus and vision continue to elevate the IFS business on its growth trajectory. 

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