SII/IIS (Immediate Information Sharing)

Dear customer

As you may already be aware, Spanish Tax Agency has encouraged the creation of the SII/IIS (Immediate Information Sharing), an electronic VAT statement system requiring companies paying tax in Spain to file their Value-Added Tax returns electronically for every invoice issued and received as of 1st of July 2017.

This system will replace the current system and implies a new procedure of supply of electronic information related to the VAT Books, by means of which the data concerning the transactions carried out by the taxpayers will be almost immediately made available to the Tax Authorities.

Every time a company issues or receives an invoice, they must send the information to the Tax Office within a maximum of 4 working days.

In a start-up phase the Spanish Tax Agency will require 62,000 businesses to use the IIS. This starter group is composed of:

  • Large size entities (with an annual turnover above 6.010.121,04€)
  • Entities belonging to a VAT group
  • Taxpayers registered in the VAT Monthly Refund Special Regime (REDEME), i.e. all taxpayers which file monthly VAT Returns. 

IFS commitment is to help our customers to be ready to fulfill this new and important obligation related to VAT in Spain.

Customer will be able to choose among the following options:

  1. Customer will select a Secure Communication Provider of its choice or develop the needed communication protocols internally. IFS will provide a plain text file with the information required and will be able to read a specific format of the file returned from the Spanish Tax authorities. IFS IBERIA will not develop different formats for the different secure communication providers and it will be the customer responsibility to contact their secure communication provider, schedule appropriate financial and human resources and elaborate their own planning for this purpose. Consultancy Services by IFS IBERIA might be provided under demand and will be invoiced separately.
  2. We will provide a special agreement for our customers working with a compliant third party software provider. Our partner GENERIX offers a SII solution compliant with IFS file formats. Feel free to contact us here so we can provide with more detailed information on this option.
  3. SII Market Extension from IFS. This is a complete solution, being developed internally in IFS. It will extract all the data from the different IFS sources, convert it into the different XML formats for the Spanish Tax authorities, and a secure connection will be provided with the AEAT web service additionally. The reply with the invoices status coming from the Tax authorities will be also processed and data in IFS updated automatically. It will be compliant from versions 7.5. to the last IFS version available. Please contact us here, so we can forward to you the exact details of this option and provide you with the financial and human resources estimates for implementation and maintenance.

We encourage you, to contact us as soon as possible so we can provide you more detailed information on the different options and to answer any question you may have on this subject.