The IDC Business Value Whitepaper from IFS


This IDC white paper, sponsored by IFS, calculates the business value derived from using IFS enterprise software. The study found IFS users benefit from an 18% productivity gain, as it enables them to work faster, seamlessly and efficiently.

This independent evaluation was based on in-depth qualitative analysis with customers from across the world operating in the manufacturing, engineering & construction, energy & utilities, aerospace & defense, and service industries.

IFS customers on average see business process improvements including:

  • 28% more work orders completed
  • 14% faster delivery of orders/products
  • 21% faster budgetary cycles

IDC’s study demonstrates the significant value that organizations achieve by enabling the effective flow of data and information across their business operations with IFS Enterprise Solutions. While the customers interviewed for this study represented five major industry verticals, they all benefited from significant increases in the productivity of key teams, higher revenue from better business results, and reduced operational costs from identifying cost optimization opportunities.

Download the IDC report to know more about the business value of IFS Enterprise Solutions, based on independent reviews from various industries.


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