Career Development At IFS

Career Development At IFS

It’s not by chance that many of our employees have been with us for more than a decade. There are many development paths at IFS—and each employee has a say in which one they take.

The focus is on becoming extremely good in a particular area, but also on being interested in other aspects of business applications. We encourage all our employees to actively decide how and in what direction they wish to develop and to take responsibility for improving their competence.

Competence development

People are important to IFS because the skill and competence of our employees are essential for IFS to continue to produce positive results. That’s why we invest so much in ensuring that everyone at IFS develops and is happy in their roles.

We work actively with competence development for every individual within the organization based on their existing role. This means that each employee and their manager set up a development plan, for the short term and the long term. Activities can include deepening their knowledge in a specific industry, broadening their competence to take in more parts of our applications, learning yet another programming language or tackling a totally new area of competence.

The central feature of competence development at IFS is to enhance your knowledge in an area that is important to you and to the company, and to use it to make your job easier, better and more efficient.

One possible career path is to work in one of our specialist areas. An expert may, for example, working as a Business Analyst, Project Manager or Business Solution Architect.

To succeed in the role, an employee immerses themselves in two or more of our core functional areas where there is a document need for expertise. This means you are working to gain expertise in parts of the application that are important and in-demand. You work with driven colleagues and together you will find the best solution that creates value for the customer.

Having a good boss is absolutely crucial for you to be happy at work and as a company we are to achieve our common goals. We are actively working to identify and develop future leaders from within our own organization. There are many examples of people who have grown into leadership roles with IFS.

For us, to lead means to achieve results through others. And if you are passionate about this, you can launch the career path to management by taking the role of project manager. We have several tools for you as a leader who will give you every opportunity to succeed as a manager if you take your responsibility. Additionally, we are investing actively in leadership development, both individually and in teams.

IFS employees actively work to understand what the customer wants so they can offer the best possible solution. So we are all salespeople. However, our sales staff is completely focused on making this connection with customers and prospective customers.

Each IFS salesperson is either responsible for giving existing customers the opportunity to improve or extend our software footprint in their company, or for finding new customers. Therefore, salespeople are the hub of a team that takes care of the customer. The sales function is a natural one employees who want to work as closely with our customers as possible.

Whether he is in the Middle East or Sweden, Tor Källström has always experienced personal freedom and the potential to develop at IFS. Now he is spreading that feeling as a manager at IFS R&D.

Being manager of a 90-strong product group requires versatility. Tor Källström’s work involves developing the group and the people he is responsible for as well as improving processes and the way his group works. 

”I enjoy being a part of the organization and feel a great deal of personal freedom, responsibility and pride in what I do. I’m working with experienced and skilled colleagues in a friendly atmosphere where we all help each other”.


Senior advisor Kurt Helge Størseth began working with IFS right after graduating as a developer. Today, 16 years later, he is an expert at the company in a job that requires great adaptation skills and exceptional expertise.

“As an expert you have to be a ‘people person’ and be able to communicate with customers and colleagues. But you also need to know your stuff.”

Kurt Helge started his IFS career when the Stavanger office in Norway was brand new. As a senior advisor, Kurt’s job primarily consists of working with customer relations and logistics. Responsible for some of the company’s most important clients, he works with cutting-edge technology. It’s challenging and demanding, but also exciting, according to Kurt Helge.
Kurt Helge Storseth