This is how we work

IFS Careers - how we work

Our employees are not just a resource. They are IFS.

From the day you sign on, you will be part of the IFS team and will quickly become part of our global network with colleagues working together and sharing knowledge around the world.

Our strong corporate culture is based on our core values simplicity, professionalism and commitment and includes a genuine wish to help and support each other. You will be supported by induction programs and mentors who guide you through the first few months and who remain in the background to provide support and advice throughout your career.

And ‘career options’ doesn’t just mean professional development. A successful family life is often the foundation for a flourishing career. So we do all we can to create a sensible balance between professional and private life. At IFS, employee satisfaction and motivation are two of our main measures of success.


IFS needs highly skilled, very competent employees—people who are open to change and who want to improve IFS and our product. It is, after all, people who make the difference.

To attract and retain people with the characteristics we require, we need to meet certain demands as an employer. We call these our employee value proposition —what we as a company promise you as one of our employees. We promise you:

  • A strong corporate culture where you will be seen and heard
  • A global business with opportunities to develop
  • A solution set you can be proud of

A strong global presence

We believe in being close to our customers. That’s why we have invested in having a strong global presence. It means we can provide our customers with a unique level of support wherever they do business.

Our more than 4,000 employees cover the entire globe, collaborating over boundaries of geography skills and competence. Working with colleagues, customers and partners on the other side of the globe is a common experience among our employee—physically or via the web. Your development opportunities are enormous, both professionally and personally.