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IFS World Conference 2019

Manufacturing Conference Content

The sessions in this breakout track are positioned for manufacturing companies interested in learning how to yield from the improvement opportunities created by recent innovations from IFS.

The sessions cover best practice, benefits and lessons learned by manufacturing companies that have implemented IFS for ERP. You will also see how the new user experience Aurena works in practice and what the processes you run today will look like tomorrow!

The track also provides a view and understanding of the manufacturing industry megatrends, where your business is going and how you can get prepared for the challenges ahead.


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How Challengers in Manufacturing are evolving business models towards servitization using IFS

Trends like automation, legislation and sustainability present both challenges and opportunities. Our Global Industry Directors will discuss current and emerging trends in the Manufacturing industry and how our customers are addressing them. Join our session to find out how you can use IFS Technology to leverage the latest trends to disrupt your market.


Ten reasons why manufacturing companies are upgrading to the latest version of IFS Applications

Process Manufacturing, Product Estimate Management and Project Deliverables are examples of major investment areas in IFS Applications 10. Hundreds of customers have already decided to upgrade to benefit from technical and functional advancements. This session will cover the top ten advantages of IFS Applications 10 and which benefits it brings.


Total Quality Management: Continuous improvement-fact or theory?

IFS Applications 10 includes embedded tools for Total Quality Management that become an integral part of the lean enterprise at source and in process. In this session, we'll take a closer look at how the latest enhancements help our customers achieve continuous improvement.


Warehousing: The capabilities at your fingertips to enhance speed and accuracy every step of the way

With its new solution for handling units and warehouse mobility, IFS Applications 10 offers unique advantages in the areas of warehousing and logistics. In this session, we'll show you how our customers use them and the value they create.


How to deal with the new normal using Sales & Operations Planning and Demand Driven MRP

With the inclusion of Sales and Operations Planning and DDMRP, IFS Applications 10 offers a highly competent set of planning capabilities. Join us in this session to discover how IFS planning strategies can be combined to drive process improvements beyond the expected.


Customer Centric development: Improvements made in Supply Chain and Manufacturing as a direct result of your feedback?

In IFS we take customer feedback seriously and use it as input to our roadmap. In this session we will take you through the improvements in IFS Applications developed as a result of your requests within Supply Chain and Manufacturing.

Informed decision making at Habia Cables using IFS Lobbies

International manufacturer Habia Cable are using IFS Lobbies to enable real-time visibility of their business. Join this session where the CEO of the company, Carl Modigh, will show how the lobby concept is used to put each department, location and user in charge of decision making, business priorities and planning.

Product Estimate Management: the missing link between sales and engineering

Our solution for Product Estimate Management provides reliable estimates without the need for a complete engineering effort. The result? Faster, more accurate and reliable responses to business opportunities. In this session we'll share experiences from recent implementations that show how PEM delivers real competitive advantage in complex sales efforts.