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Sustainability matters more than ever

The demand for sustainability matters to everyone, from communities local to power plants and factories to partners in the supply chain. Discover how IFS users are deriving business value from their ecological investments.

The United Nations has outlined seventeen Sustainable Development Goals for a safer and more prosperous ecology and society. IFS users are contributing to these goals with efforts by reducing wastage, advancing infrastructure, producing clean energy and more.

Sustainability is an investment that ultimately brings business value, far beyond just public relations. IFS solutions are proven to better position organizations to implement and improve sustainability initiatives.

Navigate the sustainability selector below to discover how our customers are contributing to sustainability.

Sustainability at IFS

Operating sustainably brings value for our customers - learn how:

Reduced Wastage

With waste threatening seas and shores, customers increasingly demand better waste management. Innovation and ingenuity are the resolution, as outlined by U.N sustainability goal nine. Follow the links to find out how some IFS customers are making use of, or helping to reduce, waste and why we are proud to support them.

Sustainability Agenda: Reduced Wastage

Customer stories

Emissions Cutdown

Air pollution is causing massive damage to the climate and threatening lives. One clear solution is to ensure that vehicle transport is limited to journeys that are strictly necessary. Read about the companies who are taking action to limit their impact on climate change by using IFS software to optimize their field service agent journeys.

Sustainability Agenda: Emissions Cutdown

Customer stories

Renewable Energy

Modern society must reduce its reliance on finite energy sources. One environmentally and economically sound solution to this issue is increased use of renewable energy. IFS’s customers are embracing new opportunities in energy production to bring the world a better, cleaner tomorrow. Read their success stories by clicking the links to the right.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Everybody should have the right to drinkable water, as outlined by the sixth UN Sustainable Development Goal. Wastewater treatment plants are important for ensuring this goal is reached. IFS is helping our customers in the water industry to increase their operational efficiency, intelligence and agility. Read their success stories by clicking the links to the right.

Sustainability Agenda: Clean Water and Sanitation

Customer stories


Plastic is overwhelming our oceans and lands and harming the ecosystems there. Recycling must be prioritized in everyday life and on an industrial scale. Discover more about the IFS customers who are helping the global lean towards recycling to the right.

Sustainability Agenda: Recycling

Customer stories

Sustainable Manufacturing

Manufacturing is an industry with the potential to inflict great harm on the environment. Luckily, there are companies who are optimizing their use of raw materials and reducing unnecessary waste. Learn how their investment in IFS software has led to major business value. The success stories can be found to the right.

Sustainability Agenda: Sustainable Manufacturing

Customer stories

Governance and Legislation Adherence

Increasing pressure is being placed on industries to ensure they are meeting sustainability standards. This is a positive step forward, but it poses a challenge to the businesses who must comply. Learn how IFS can help customers track their environmental footprint allowing them to meet customer demands and show sustainability. Read the success stories by clicking the links to the right.

Sustainability Agenda: Governance and Legislation Adherence

Customer stories

Marine Responsibility

Unless we take care of our oceans by preventing pollution and acidification, the whole planet will suffer and become less habitable. That is why industries such as offshore drilling and shipbuilding must be equipped with the best-in-class EAM and ERP solutions. Read more about the IFS customers achieving efficiency in offshore operations by clicking the links to the right.

Sustainability Agenda: Marine Responsibility

Customer stories