IFS Applications for EPCI Contractors

Today, many EPCI contractors use expensive solutions that are not adapted to their business needs, or solutions developed in-house that have difficulties meeting current and future technology standards. Many offshore contractors also have a mix of various IT solutions and face challenges, such as: lack of flexibility to deal with new processes, projects, and customers, lack of application integration leading to data duplication, inaccurate data, interface costs and difficulties, lack of data ownership and responsibility, difficulties in supporting different systems and educating users, desire for simplicity and ease of use and difficult and time-consuming processes for data extraction and analysis. These scenarios are time-consuming and make it difficult for the users to work efficiently.

IFS Applications™ offers the offshore industry an integrated business solution for efficient handling of EPCI contracts. With the project lifecycle in focus, from design and procurement to Mechanical Completion and Commissioning (MCC), IFS Applications™ helps you to increase visibility and manage your projects. IFS’ technology for collaborative solutions and data exchange lets you expand your processes into your extended network of subcontractors, partners and customers.

For more information, view our Executive Summary on IFS Applications for EPC Contractors.

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