World-class customer service can only be delivered if you are using the right tools

Independent service providers using IFS Service Applications today run their businesses more efficiently and find it easier to climb up the value chain. This is due to the service lifecycle management software from IFS that gives them complete transparency and control throughout their operations. All the way from ad-hoc projects that take a few minutes or a couple of hours, to complex, long-term contractual commitments that run over years. Manage the service lifecycle with IFS Applications! An end-to-end solution, the mobility enabled by IFS Service Applications lets their field service technicians operate with the same ease of use and agility as their back-office staff, cutting information lead times and keeping central control functions in the loop—even when the companies operate across multiple regions or countries. Quick to learn and easy to use, it is also reducing their training costs and increasing productivity as a result. And they, in turn, are delivering a better service to their customers, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty whilst, at the same time, saving them money. With a history in service and asset management as old as the company itself, IFS helps service providers worldwide, large and small, grow their business and increase revenue by streamlining their operations.

See how IFS service applications allows independent service providers to manage the service lifecycle of brief service assignments or years-long contracts.

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