Whitepaper: Expand Manufacturing Services Capability With IFS

This whitepaper serves as a guide to manufacturing companies seeking to compete with services. It outlines best practice in setting out a mission and a vision and explains how to apply them.

Manufacturing servitization lets you deliver on society’s increasing demand for ‘outcomes’ rather than products and brings you increased business value through long-term customer relationships and added manufacturing services.

Is your organization currently product, service or customer focused? And where would you like to be in future?

  • Product-centric: focuses on product design and supply.
  • Service-centric: supports the product in the field, providing repairs and condition monitoring.
  • Customer-centric: supports the customer directly with advanced services, including collaborative innovation.

Develop your servitization vision further using the guidance and template included in the ‘Servitization Visioning’ guide from the Advanced Services Group. And see how your business can compete more effectively through services.


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Source: Baines, T.S., Ziaee Bigdeli, A., Andrews, D., Machan, et al (2019). Servitization Visioning: How to create an illustrative vision for a manufacturing organisation seeking to compete through services. Birmingham, UK: The Advanced Services Group, Aston Business School.

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