Offshore energy: how much value do IFS solutions deliver?

With extraction, production and transportation units contracted under demanding day rate contracts, the search for productivity and efficiency in the offshore energy sector has become a priority.

IFS customers in offshore energy realize productivity and revenue gains throughout the full asset lifecycle, including:

  • A 2-year project can be delivered 160 days sooner
  • Extend asset lifecycles by 15%
  • Close financial cycles 30% faster

One customer said the advantages of IFS solutions include, “The major benefit for us is having self-service, which has allowed us to modify the frequency of our maintenance program. This saves us millions of dollars.”*

Download the infographic to learn how IFS software delivers value across engineering, asset utilization, supply chain, finance and more…

* Source: IDC White Paper, sponsored by IFS, The Business Value of IFS Enterprise Solutions with Industry-Specific Use Cases, September 2019

Infographic Offshore Energy Value of IFS

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