Digital Transformation Investment in 2020 and Beyond - The Technology Equation

On a global level, over 29% of respondents considered ethical alignment as a crucial variable in the vendor selection process. So, which vendors ensure digital transformation project success, and which raise red flags?

Over 3,000 executives from six regions across the world input on their organization’s plans to invest in digital transformation technologies in automation, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and more.

  • Respondent’s selected both ethics (29 percent) and cultural alignment (23 percent) as desired vendor traits, notably ethics trumps innovation at 27 percent.
  • This is unsurprising as 37 percent say poor vendor advice is the main reason why digital transformation projects fail
  • When assessing vendor suitability, industry expertise (32 percent) and ability to deliver long-term solutions (30 percent) are the traits most sought after by respondents.

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