Did You Know?

Real people helping real people

Although IFS is a global enterprise software company, there are a lot of things people don’t know about us.

It’s not a secret that we were founded by a group of students in a tent in Sweden in the early 1980s, but few know that nowadays North America is IFS’s largest region in terms of revenue.

As you will see below, customers really like working with the down-to-earth people at IFS. We believe in building a strong, open and pragmatic culture where we tell it like it is and give our customers choice. The benefits go both ways, and create a positive atmosphere for employees as well. Maybe that’s why IFS has been named a Great Place to Work in the IT field for nine (!) consecutive years.


Our customers save time and money

Having happy staff that customers like to work with is nice, but what does it mean in practical terms for IFS’s customers? We already knew from asking over 500 of them that 82% of IFS customers have saved money by using IFS solutions, so there is an obvious financial upside. But how does that compare with other companies?

We commissioned independent research company eClerx to dig deep into financial data from the past decade to look for these answers. By comparing IFS customers with their respective industry rivals using other enterprise software solutions, we found that in the past ten years, IFS customers received twice the ROI improvement of their competitors.

The data set, containing over 40,000 data points, also told us that IFS customers have more than doubled their profit margin (EBITDA) in the past decade. Obviously, there is a lot of money to be gained by selecting the right software supplier.

Being open and transparent in the way we work with customers also makes everyday life easier. Seventy-five percent of IFS customers say implementing IFS solutions was as simple as, or easier than, expected; a good number for a company working in an industry with a reputation for notoriously large and complicated IT implementations.

That may explain why over 90% of IFS customers are satisfied and why we are the highest-rated midmarket ERP vendor and the highest-rated FSM software vendor on Gartner Peer Insights!


We want to make a difference

Facts about IFS

Working to help our customers excel is a noble cause in itself, but large companies like IFS should never forget their moral obligation to give back to the global community. We work regionally with activities that support the local community, such as in 2017, when we raised enough money to fill a Boeing 737 with food for the Ottawa Food Bank in Canada.

However, IFS’s strongest commitment is to work toward getting more kids into schools and show them how fun it is to work with STEM and IT, areas with record-low interest level among the next generation.

We do this through the IFS Education program, where IFS collaborates with over 80 universities globally to promote interest in science and technology. We have granted 150 full tuition and over 600 financial assistance scholarships to university students, and contributed over US $3 million toward university activities globally. And we’re just getting started!

Have a look around our website to learn more about the company with high-performing customers, happy employees and a mindset to do good.