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IFS software

enables Ports & Terminal Operators to maximize cargo throughput

Ports are gateways for 80% of merchandise trade by volume and 70% by value. Challenge for a greater share of this opportunity by ensuring you can support quick and safe vessel turnaround – as shipping and logistics companies opt to unload at the most efficient port.

Asset management is at the core of the smart port operation. Bridges, railways, cranes all must perform when needed, and optimizing the usage of ground vehicles can ensure you get more performance from your fleet.

IFS offers Project and Asset Management software, as well as enterprise and service functionality, that can help Ports & Terminal operators to maximize operating efficiency and increase their vessel throughout capacity.

Port of Dover integrates business processes using IFS Applications

Customer Quote
The Port of Dover is the busiest port for passenger and ro-ro freight traffic in the UK and we are convinced that IFS Applications is the perfect choice to provide business transparency, control, and improved efficiency.
Spokesperson, Port of Dover
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Improve mining performance with disruptive technology

Disruptive mining technologies including IoT, GIS and operational intelligence offer new tools to executive teams that enable them to tilt the odds in their favor. Download this whitepaper to understand the emerging technology that can add value to your mining operation, as well as how and where to deploy them for the greatest benefit.

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A different, more agile EAM suite

As perhaps the only EAM software vendor to address the entire asset lifecycle, IFS Applications provides an EAM suite that facilitates asset lifecycle management and weathers times of disruptive change.

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IFS ERP, EAM and FSM deliver value to our customers across Telecommunications, Energy, Utilities & Resources