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A global company, which by its definition is a collective of many individuals, has by its sheer size the opportunity to affect the world, be it in a good or bad way. If you have the power to make such an impact, you also have an obligation to act in a responsible way.

IFS is determined to make an impact and contribute to make the world a better place, through a handful of global initiatives involved our employees.


IFS works in partnership with the IFS Foundation, a group of independent, charitable organizations established to help alleviate poverty in Sri Lanka. Projects address health, water and sanitation, education and employment opportunities, resulting in a self-sustained community.

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All IFS employees are encouraged to invest one work day a year in supporting a charitable cause of their choice. Guidance in deciding what cause to support is provided through the form of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, which offer a broad and well-structured way for employees to ensure their efforts make a difference. Using their volunteer day, IFS employees have participated in initiatives such as helping children to read, harvesting vegetables for community kitchens and coaching/career advice workshops for university students.


Education is something that can make a real difference. As a large employer, we recognize the benefits that education can provide individuals, families and communities. The IFS Education Program aims to counter low interest in STEM subjects by helping students and young people get enthusiastic about technology, learn new skills, and give them an idea of what it is like to work in IT. Collaborating with more than 80 universities across the globe, we at IFS want to inspire students by providing the necessary resources and especially encourage female students into a career in tech. We work globally to offer scholarships, grants, IT equipment for classroom teaching, as well as practical knowledge through internships and mentorships for graduate students.

In 2019, the IFS Education Program was awarded with the International CSR Excellence Award.

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If you would like to know more about our CSR projects, please get in touch with Katie Latta, our Global CSR Programme Manager.

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