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Moelven’s glulam production gets a digital boost


Moelven Industrier’s glulam companies aim to work smarter, more sustainable and with multiple projects at once. That’s why they have now chosen IFS Applications as their new ERP solution.

Asker, December 3, 2019 – IFS today announces that Moelven Industrier will start using IFS Applications in their glulam production. The size of the contract is approximately 10.5 million NOK. Moelven is the leading wood processing company in the Nordics with 45 different production facilities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and over 3500 employees. Their world leading expertise in glulam can be seen in the roof bearings of Oslo Airport, the Olympia Hall in Hamar, “The vikingship”, and Mjøstårnet, the world’s tallest timber building, located in Brumunddal.

“Our glulam products are well known thanks to large high-profile projects, such as the Vikingship and Mjøstårnet,” says Even Rognan Lutnæs, CIO of Moelven Industrier ASA. ”These projects are running parallel to our standard production and require a lot of internal control and coordination. This will be solved by the new digital enterprise software allowing us to run more efficiently and reduce manual operations. The raw material in the glulam is already sustainable and with IFS we can now take further steps to reduce waste, optimize transportation and use less energy.”

Moelven is now testing IFS Applications in a pre-project lasting until Christmas. This will give the organization time to plan and create a template for the final implementation, with a planned go-live in Q4, 2020. The solution will be used by 150 employees and will lay the foundation for automation of routine work and repetitive tasks, and help employees increase their efficiency. IFS Applications will support Moelven’s focus on sustainability, as well as delivering additional synergies by integrating towards the rest of the organization, where the Wood divisions are already using IFS Applications.

“This is a good example of innovation and sustainability going hand in hand” says Elni Kullmer, Managing Director, IFS Nordics. “It is important to show that the industry is beginning to see digital project management as a tool to make their companies more efficient. In this collaborative project, IFS will make any development of the solution that is necessary for Moelven to achieve the results they want. Here, both parties, and the environment, profit to create better solutions for the future”.

Both the Timber and Wood divisions in Moelven have previously achieved large operational profits with IFS Applications. This project will ensure that Moelven gets a more complete solution in their organization and entire group, where it will be easier to update the system forwards and secure increased innovation.

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