Heaven Hill Distilleries Makes Data-Based Decisions with IFS

Heaven Hill Distilleries, a family-owned beverage manufacturing and distribution company with Depression-era roots, brought its IT system into the 21st century. By investing in an ERP software system from IFS, the company achieved a variety of efficiencies, including dramatic reductions in both finished goods inventory and lead times on customer orders. “One of the biggest challenges we faced is getting people to use data and to make data-based decisions,” recalls Allan Latts, Heaven Hill’s Chief Operating Officer. “IFS allows us to have access to the right information to enable employees to make those decisions.” Latts says that IFS Applications has played an instrumental role in Heaven Hill’s development over the past decade to becoming a more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable company as it manages change in its business, its markets and its customers’ needs.

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Customer story Heaven Hill

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