A company headquartered in Sweden and with operations in the areas of life science, wholesale, retail and service management, Levilo’s main goal is to offer all aspects of IFS Applications and cover the complete lifecycle of the system. They have a local presence in Scandinavia and can offer system, services and apps to make it easier for customers to buy and use IFS Applications.

IFS & Levilo regard their customers more as partners and will do their utmost for them to grow, and become more competitive with IFS Applications as their ERP system. Levilo offer a long-term business relation, strong commitment from employees and are an easy partner to work with.

Our experience working with customer demands, combined with IFS Applications competence, reduces the risks in an implement/upgrade project.

Levilo’s experience with global projects, our structure with employees, and exclusive connected sub-contractors knowledge, gives our customers a partner with high competence and skills.

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