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Devenez partenaire IFS.
Trouvez un partenaire IFS.

Si vous êtes à la recherche d'un partenaire IFS pour vous aider à mettre en œuvre IFS Applications ou à étendre la capacité de votre solution, ou si vous souhaitez devenir vous-même partenaire IFS, alors vous êtes au bon endroit !  

IFS établit des partenariats avec des entreprises certifiées qui complètent notre offre de services consulting et d'intégration, ou proposent des technologies et solutions compatibles avec IFS Applications.

We are #forthechallengers

IFS together with its partners are committed to providing choice, innovative technology, expertise and unsurpassed support, so customers across all industries and countries can overcome challenges and drive success.

The IFS Partner Program creates a path to success for partners with recognized training, certification and opportunities for growth. With a broad range of solutions and an award-winning partner program, IFS is THE choice for organizations looking to remain competitive and irreplaceable in today’s IT landscape.

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Find an IFS Partner

Learn why you should work with IFS partners and search our global directory to find qualified partners who are experts in your industry and IFS solutions.

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Learn more about our award-winning partner program and how IFS can ignite your business growth.

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Members of the IFS Partner Program may register for, or login to, access the IFS Partner Portal and additional services only available to IFS partners.

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