Triversa offers enterprise solutions that addresses several needs of customers in the areas of business intelligence, compliance, strategy and risk management. With solutions that cater to the needs of diverse sectors such as Defence, Aviation, Maritime, Public Sector, and Telecoms, our competency is underpinned by our unique skill sets and the capabilities of enterprise class solutions such as IFS.

Technology Strategy: Architecture planning and design, IT Transformation, Solution Design, Technology sourcing

Technology Risk: Security solutions and services, Business continuity, Fraud management solutions, ISO27001

Business Intelligence: Advanced customer intelligence solutions, Data analytics

Critical Sector Solution: Aeronautical and Non-aeronautical solutions, Safety and Security management solutions, Defence sector solutions, Energy and Utility sector solutions

Triversa is a part of the Resourcery group, a publicly traded company with a reputable track record as a key technology integrator in West Africa for over 30 years. Our partner relationship with IFS offers a quicker route to market; leveraging existing relationships across all verticals that we currently feature in. We envisage a market success with an IFS partnership as a result of our current focus on the critical sectors made up of entities with large operations, asset base and complex process in alignment with the solution suite of IFS.


  • Authorized

Type of Partner:

  • Channel


  • Ghana
  • Nigeria


  • Aéronautique et Défense
  • Asset Intensive
  • Énergies et Installations
  • Pétrole et Gaz
  • Fabrication en mode process
  • Prestataires de Services


  • Gestion des actifs (EAM)
  • Gestion des services
  • Gestion de projets
  • Gestion de la Relation Client (CRM)
  • Gestion de la Supply Chain
  • Gestion des risques et de la conformité
  • IFS Applications