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IFS Cloud 21R2

See how the latest innovation will benefit your business

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IFS Cloud brings together the customer, people, and asset elements of your business in a single solution. IFS Cloud is on a twice-yearly release cycle so you can benefit from the latest innovation. Learn how the second release of IFS Cloud, 21R2, can help you deliver when it matters most.

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IFS Cloud combines deep industry functionality and functional strength with intelligent and autonomous capabilities that deliver value to your business from day one.

See the latest innovation for manufacturing, engineering, construction, energy, commercial aviation, defense manufacturers, telco and service businesses.

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The Value of Evergreen
Define the journey for your business


IFS Customer Success Matters
Discover the services that deliver value through IFS Cloud


IFS Cloud for Manufacturing
Deliver insights and competitive advantage with intraday planning, analytics and IoT


IFS Cloud for Engineering and Construction
Ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and at high-quality repeatably and predictably


IFS Cloud for Energy & Utilities
Maximize asset and service excellence with embedded innovation


IFS Cloud for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers
Improve defense contract management for U.S. government suppliers


IFS Cloud for Aviation Maintenance
Bring mobility and data together to deliver flexibility in meeting compliance


IFS Cloud for Telco
Harness the power of mobile with workforce scheduling and embedded innovation for remote technicians


IFS Cloud for Service Management
Deliver service excellence, optimization, intelligence, and improved profitability