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Ports are gateways for 80% of merchandise trade by volume and 70% by value. Challenge for a greater share of this opportunity by ensuring you can support quick and safe vessel turnaround – as shipping and logistics companies opt to unload at the most efficient port.

Asset management is at the core of the smart port operation. Bridges, railways, cranes all must perform when needed, and optimizing the usage of ground vehicles can ensure you get more performance from your fleet.

IFS offers Project and Asset Management software, as well as enterprise and service functionality, that can help Ports & Terminal operators to maximize operating efficiency and increase their vessel throughout capacity.

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Port of Duqm

"IFS and their partner team [demonstrated]:

  • a strong sharing of minds, and a common ambition to realize a mutual successful journey
  • exceptional industry expertise
  • customer testimonies
  • their ability to meet our needs.

They will play a pivotal role in scaling our operations and realizing our strategic objectives."

Reggy Vermeulen
Chief Executive Officer
Port of Duqm

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