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IFS Applications has a long history as a solution of choice for automotive ERP (enterprise resource planning).

Our automotive industry software customers enjoy support for the total lifecycle - from design integration through demand management, supply chain management, full-scale production, sales and aftersales service—fully integrated with financials and human resources. Plus support for lean initiatives like Kanban. IFS Applications' automotive industry ERP software solution is appropriate for vehicle manufacturer/assemblers and tier 1 to tier N suppliers.

IFS is a leading supplier of enterprise software to the Automotive industry

IFS helps automotive organizations to embrace what’s next by providing:

  • Industry expertise
  • Agile software
  • Global reach

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MagnaFlow uses IFS Applications for automotive ERP

MagnaFlow, a global manufacturer of high-performance automotive parts, was in need of an easy-to-use, scalable enterprise software solution that could grow with the business, as well as enable accurate fulfillment and rapid turn-around and dispatch of customer orders. For MagnaFlow, the solution was IFS Applications.

MagnaFlow uses IFS Applications for automotive ERP


Auto Windscreens implements IFS

For Auto Windscreens, customer satisfaction is the very foundation for business success. IFS Enterprise Service Management empowers them to provide superior customer service, ensuring that every customer is entirely satisfied.

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Automotive concerns turn to IFS Applications because of the unprecedented range of manufacturing- and business-control strategies we support. With IFS, large and mid-size corporations have the multi-national, multi-language, multi-site, multi-currency and multiple sets of accounting and tax-rule capabilities they need. For smaller companies, IFS Applications is a comprehensive solution, appropriate for divergent business processes and plans. For all, the result is supply chain efficiency and cost reductions.


IFS Kanban, based on the Toyota Production System, uses real-time information to minimize inventories and eliminate waste. Kanban support includes integrated planning tools, options for Kanban calculations and graphical simulation tools that help avoid stockouts. This advanced planning board forecasts materials, staff, and machinery—across multiple orders in parallel—increasing capacity and managing operations-critical bottlenecks. Integration with IFS Planning ensures rapid response to changing demand projections, with data for Kanban calculations retrieved and the recalculated Kanban levels transferred back to the planning system. Kanban circuits needing change are quickly identified.
IFS EDI Solutions simplify customer-demand processing, automate shipping functions and enhance supplier ratings. B2B EDI for IFS includes support for XML and Web services.


IFS Quality Management includes failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), a systematic technique for recording and analyzing product and process challenges. Statistical process control (SPC) can be applied across operations to reduce process variation and promote continuous improvement. IFS Business Modeler, including tools, standard methodologies and graphical models, supports business reengineering for efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction. IFS Business Performance, a digital dashboard, gives you a real-time snapshot of project performance, product quality, costs and delivery.


IFS Applications for document and product data management—including two-way integration with leading CAD vendors—gives you the single source of truth needed in tiered supply chains in which participants specify any of several CAD environments, including lightweight collaborative formats. IFS Applications lets you increase efficiency and avoid costly errors by managing design changes within the system. Engineering change requests could include design improvements from engineering, fault reports from the service department or recommendations from procurement to change suppliers or materials.


IFS Applications for Automotive Suppliers includes solutions for manufacturing & distribution, supply chain, services, asset and project management, fully integrated with financials and human resources. These operate stand alone; integrated with existing corporate enterprise systems; or as part of a comprehensive IFS Applications deployment. 

Some automotive suppliers need the same complex order-driven and mixed-mode functionality as other type manufacturers using IFS Applications. However, automotive-related production often specifically involves lean manufacturing—including Kanban—electronic data interchange (EDI), n-level packaging and multi-site planning & execution. 

Of specific interest to vehicle manufacturers/assemblers are multiple-algorithm-based demand-planning and forecasting; service-level-based spare parts and planning; design-, engineer- and configure-to-order capability; program/project management, including make-to-project; and dynamic order processing/Seiban. 

With IFS Eco-footprint Management, environmental impacts are assigned to product units. Reports detail impacts by product line, manufacturing process, business unit or business enterprise.

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An ERP solution that has embedded packaging structure functionality is greater than the sum of its parts. Unless ERP addresses packaging management, a substantial and critical element of the business will be invisible to executives using ERP… just as if a portion of the business has disappeared into a black box. This is a core part of your product and ability to serve your customers in the automotive industry. Read more today!