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A Different, More Agile EAM Suite

As perhaps the only EAM software vendor to address the entire asset lifecycle, IFS Applications provides an EAM suite that facilitates asset lifecycle management and weathers times of disruptive change.

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Asset Lifecycle Management software (ALM)

IFS Applications is unique in the fact that it includes comprehensive functionality to support the entire asset lifecycle, from cradle to grave. What kind of assets are we talking about?

  • Land-based oil and gas drilling rigs
  • Offshore drilling rigs
  • Process manufacturing equipment and plants
  • Power generation plants
  • Aircraft
  • Defense assets including weapons systems, vehicles and facilities
  • Pipelines
  • Power distribution assets

Whether you are planning and designing your asset, operating it and maintaining it over its productive lifecycle, executing a refit or decommissioning, IFS Applications gives you one version of the truth so you can maximize value realized over the asset lifecycle.

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We could build a website for our best-of-breed, world-class asset management solutions alone and write about collaborative asset lifecycle management from design and engineering through maintenance to decommissioning. We could detail our solutions for ALM, EAM, OEE, and describe minutely how you can increase asset reliability, launch predictive maintenance strategies and cut maintenance costs. And that’s just some of our areas of expertise.

But that would only be part of the story. Our track record is equally important. IFS Applications has been around for almost three decades and saw the light of day in the asset management sector. It was designed not just for, but to a great extent by, the industry. It has seen mergers and demergers, deregulation, greater demands on asset and workforce optimization—and helped companies all over the world to turn these challenges into profit-making opportunities. Download more detailed information below. Or contact us directly and find out why IFS Applications could become your most profit-making asset.

IFS Enterprise Asset Management Solution Map

Looking for an application that can manage your performance-based logistics contract or manage your fleet?  Like to offer higher levels of fleet availability and force readiness? Need better planning and scheduling capabilities coupled with better cost and progress control to manage resources across all ongoing shop visits? Looking to increase predictability for when units can be returned to service?

If you’re looking for a complete solution to Fleet Management and Heavy Maintenance planning and execution, look no further than IFS Applications. An industry leader, IFS Applications enables you to more easily balance operational requirements against maintenance needs. This all starts with a comprehensive solution for managing your configurations, compliance with airworthiness regulations and other legal and industry requirements. Best practice methodologies like Critical Chain Project Management increase your throughput, which in turn results in higher revenue.

For more details on how to increase efficiency, download more information below. Or contact us directly and ask about our end-to-end solution for fleet management.

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