IFS Applications: your business software on the move

We understand that to transform your business, realize new opportunities, handle change, and deliver high quality products and services, you need your people to be engaged and committed in what they do. Paramount to this is having the ability to work while on the move, using a mobile device of preference.

  • Our browser-based IFS Aurena user experience has been built from the ground up to be fully responsive and fully customizable, allowing you to work the way you prefer to work on the device that’s best for the job.
  • For specialized tasks, we offer dedicated mobile field service software and warehouse data collection capabilities that improve the way your teams work and boost efficiency every step of the way.

We also offer a series of everyday mobile business apps designed to make tasks like timesheet and expense submission as quick and simple as possible.

IFS takes a pragmatic, holistic approach to mobility by:

  • Creating a secure mobile enterprise environment for smartphones, where minimal data is kept on the mobile device and mobile access is controlled in a cloud intermediary.
  • Offering a series of native smartphone apps that address specific business needs.
  • Migrating its entire user interface to a mobile-friendly design that supports tablet computers with touch screens.

Mobile solutions for every user

  • For CASUAL USERS—using business apps as a complement while on the move
  • For PROFESSIONAL USERS —when mobility is business critical
  • For TRANSACTIONAL USERS—super users who want the entire suite on the tablet

The preferred choice because

  • Mobility is part of our END-2-END solution that streamlines your business
  • Mobility is BUILT-IN to IFS Applications to eliminate mobility inhibitors
  • Our INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE is a business critical differentiator


Just pick from the warehouse transactions library to configure your mobile solution and decide what form factor you want—job done.

Warehouse Management

Full Suite

By making IFS Enterprise Explorer touch-friendly, mobile users who need complete functional coverage of IFS Applications can use pads and slates.

Full Suite

IFS Applications for the mobile workforce

Given today’s real time business, is critically important that the lines of communication remain open, so information can flow freely. Hear IFS CEO Alastair Sorbie talk about how the modern workforce will become more reliant on mobile enterprise software.

Touch Apps

IFS Touch Apps is a series of Smartphone apps for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms.

Touch Apps