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Total Asset Readiness

Are you mission ready?

Military asset procurement, sustainment and support have been on an evolutionary path for some years, paving the way for Total Asset Readiness® a ‘new evolution’ of military asset support. Total Asset Readiness is geared to putting in place a clear and consistent framework across a military fighting force. With Total Asset Readiness, disparate reporting mechanisms and software systems can be consolidated with an all-encompassing solution—giving commanders a clear real-time view of the assets at their disposal, in the context of the mission they need to complete.

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Total Asset Readiness

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Receive your complimentary IFS white paper by filling out the survey and learn how Total Asset Readiness offers transparent visibility of military assets.

IFS is conducting research to gauge military asset readiness. This research will help us gain better insights into the demands that military operators and defense in-service support providers face in achieving higher asset availability with less maintenance spend, without sacrificing safety and security.

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At the conclusion of the survey you will be given access to the IFS Total Asset Readiness white paper.

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