In its operations, IFS is confronted with certain risk elements that can to a greater or lesser extent have an impact on operational outcome. One such risk is the rapid technological development in the industry, which could create the need for substantial technology changes. A further cause of uncertainty is the ability to attract and retain critical personnel resources, especially in a labor market in which the demand for and cost of attractive personnel are increasing. In addition to the above risks, IFS in its business is exposed to other operational and legal risks and uncertainties, including in customer projects, dependence on certain suppliers and partners, the outcome of actual and possible disputes, and currency exposure.

IFS, through its use of component technology and by establishing internal processes and procedures, believes that it has addressed such risks and taken measures to reduce and control them as far as possible. As the Parent Company does not engage in operational activities, its risk is limited above all to financing, foreign currency, liquidity, guarantees, and possible disputes.

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