SCA's Journey Towards Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Ortviken paper mill and Östrand pulp mill in northern Sweden are building on their asset lifecycle management software solution from IFS. Enhanced analysis tools, fewer customizations and the hard work involved in defining key performance ratios have given SCA Graphic Sundsvall an even firmer hold on its productivity. “The decisions we make today are well-founded because we know they are based on accurate, high-quality information,” says Christer Byström, IFS Applications system owner at Ortviken paper mill and Östrand pulp mill. The plants have used IT support from IFS since the mid-1990s. At the beginning of 2000, the plants were modernized with the aim of having a single solution for maintenance, inventory, purchasing and engineering. Eventually, the company implemented improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) functionality from IFS. MaxOEE, as the tool is called, has a graphical interface that is easier to use and is adapted to the system that operators are used to. Moreover, it has built-in analysis tools and is integrated with the plant’s work order system.

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