Mitec Consulting

Mitec Consulting Ltd. was designed to break the mold of traditional ERP consultancy. We believe in delivering meaningful value and enabling our customers to become self-sufficient in managing and supporting their own ERP solution.

Unlike other consultancies, Mitec partners with the best software or service suppliers to deliver outstanding service and outcomes whenever we are needed.

We believe in grass roots development and have a commitment in growing talent. Mitec has a team of IFS Applications™ Certified Functional & Technical Consultants trained “the Mitec way” with the support of IFS UK.

Navigating your ERP Landscape can be complex. By partnering with Mitec at any stage of your ERP lifecycle, we will lead you to the true value of your ERP solution.

Nothing has a more significant impact on the long-term success or failure of your ERP system that the quality of the implementation. Done well, you are more likely to experience a greater ROI (Return on Investment) in a lot less time. This is traditionally where all the efforts are focused for the adoption of a new ERP, however “Go Live” is just the start of that journey.

Mitec offers:

  • Implementation Consulting
  • Functional Applications Consulting
  • Technical Consulting
  • Business Change and Business Readiness Services
  • Bespoke IFS Training Services
  • Continuous Improvement and Optimization Services

Mitec Consulting delivers outcome-focused services to help your business navigate your ERP implementation to realize its undiscovered value.

We believe our clients deserve a partner to support and deliver the needs of a growing enterprise. That is why our projects and services include a clear set of deliverables with actionable advice, including what the path to true ERP value will look like and how it can be delivered. We tie ourselves to your strategic objectives and outcomes, and stay with you throughout the journey.

Our emphasis on user engagement and client enablement is critical to the success of all our services. We understand the need for the right mix of Functional or Technical expertise, a deep application knowledge and business engagement is critical to the successful adoption of your ERP at any stage of your ERP journey.


  • Silver

Type of Partner:

  • Channel
  • Services


  • United Kingdom


  • Engineering Construction and Infrastructure
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Service Industries


  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Enterprise Service Management
  • IFS Applications