With offices in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Kendox has been developing modern, flexible and user-friendly standard software solutions since 2004, covering the areas of document management, legally-compliant archiving, scanning, mailroom processing, email compliance, workflows, IBM i Series (AS/400) and digital records. 

The Kendox InfoShare product family is designed for local installation by the customer or for use as a cloud service. Kendox Business Cloud solutions include fully standardised archiving and document management cloud services, as well as other offerings which allow customers to enter the world of cloud business solutions one step at a time.

Kendox AG’s headquarters is located in Oberriet, Switzerland. Other offices and branches are located in Vienna, Austria; Westheim, Germany; and a number of other locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Kendox works closely with a network of highly qualified partners and supports hundreds of customer installations.

Kendox InfoShare

Comprehensive DMS/ECM solution including process management; revision-safe archive; integrate with specialist applications using the open Web API; open architecture based on Microsoft .NET; Web services and WCF, JSON/REST interface.

InfoShare Cloud Archive Service

Secure cloud archiving solution; Legally-compliant storage and revision-safe archiving for business documents; highly-available platform; operated to professional standards from certified data centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; integrates with existing business processes and specialist applications; open web API for 100% openness and flexibility; access documents using web browsers, mobile devices or Windows; transparent pricing model, no capital commitment.

The Kendox InfoShare product family is designed for use in businesses aiming to permanently optimise the way they manage digital documents, information, records and processes. The high scalability and openness of this complete system allow it to handle everything from small teams and working groups to enterprise-level applications. Users can work with the application of their choice: the Windows client, the browser-based web client, seamlessly integrated into leading software such as IFS Applications, or the cutting-edge HTML5 app for mobile devices. Whatever their decision, all documents will be stored in a revision-safe, legally-compliant format in your document archive.

With Kendox InfoShare, outgoing documents from IFS Applications (such as from the purchasing, sales or production departments) are automatically stored. The result is a complete document archive consisting of scanned documents, emails and other digital documents, meeting all legal requirements. Users also access stored documents directly through IFS Applications, ensuring that everything is processed in full. Kendox InfoShare allows you to store transaction-related documents in digital records together with structured data – creating customer or supplier files, for example. These digital records can be used to manage all kinds of documents, including incoming invoices and delivery notes, sales receipts, Office documents, emails and more. Users within your organisation can then directly access these records through IFS Applications or work with these documents outside of your ERP system.


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