We are the Spanish presence of the SII Group and we specialize in providing services for Information Technologies (IT) and Engineering Services, with the following disciplines: industrial, aerospace, energy and telecommunications. We develop innovative products and customized solutions for our customers, and we distribute our own and our partners’ products.

SII Concatel offers a comprehensive and personalized service covering all areas of the technological solutions by the means of specific and tailor-made solutions for each client. Thus, SII Concatel responds to the set of processes that can be developed in the field of IT such as industrial engineering, aerospace, energy or telecommunications. So that, our customers can focus on their Core Business in full confidence and assurance with the work carried out by SII Concatel.

  • Consultancy and Training: Our strategic consultancy services cover all processes related to the maintenance, management and use of information as well as the technology that support it, effectively contributing to the development of the value chain of organizations. We offer our in-situ experience and knowledge so the client can make the most relevant and convenient decisions, thanks to a rigorous and analytical approach from all perspectives of business activity.
  • Product: We are creators of information technology, making available for our customers a suite of own products compatible and that can be integrated with the main market standards. We must highlight our solutions oriented to infrastructure and service management , ServiceONE®, to content management, Portal Framework ECM (Enterprise Content Manager) and to document management, DocManager Portal Framework.
  • Application Development: We create, develop, implement and maintain specific technological solutions, according to specifications and needs of clients from all sectors. Our team has experts in all areas to make the best solutions and be able to provide an added value in all processes. We provide our services in Application Development as: Time & Materials, Forfait, AM, Software factory, QA and Software Analysis and Mobility.
  • Communication and Infrastructure: We offer our customers an operations and systems engineering service including professionals, infrastructures, and applications. As communications and Infrastructures, we provide services as Management Services, LAN and Communications Management, Communications Networks, IP Engineering and Security.
  • Engineering and R&D&I: We provide innovative solutions in a wide range of engineering areas, including embedded systems and software with real-time needs, applications for scientific data processing, test benches, software management and control, electronic engineering, telecom and software monitoring.
  • Outsourcing Solutions: We offer our customers a wide range of outsourcing services, covering all their areas and business processes. These services enable companies to improve their performance because they can focus on their own activities. We provide Outsourcing Solutions, such as Contact Center, HelpDesk, an Image Factory for eCommerce called WIO, Personalized, Management Centre, Workplace Management, Test Factory, etc.

The joint work of SII CONCATEL and IFS World means adding a long term experience of ERP implementation to a product that meets the most demanding expectations of a client. The result of this work is having a tool to manage your company or a part of your business because:

 ●You have had such a sustained growth that you couldn’t establish order.

●You will focus on a specific area to boost your business

●You have planned an important change or expansion of your business

●You want to make an integration of several business areas

●You want to integrate your company with other ones (electronics orders, for example)

IFS Apps has been accumulating over the years, and thanks to many clients, several “Best Practices” that SII Concatel will apply will all its experience and common sense to achieve a successful project. This success will come not only by meeting the agreed deadlines and amounts but by having an adapted and optimised solution, 100% useful for the client, without need of long and erosive projects.

The many years of presence in the market for both companies are an example of their best practices. The sustained growth from their creation confirms why several clients trust in their performance and commitment.


  • Silver

Type of Partner:

  • Channel
  • Services


  • Spain


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Asset Intensive
  • Automotive
  • Engineering Construction and Infrastructure
  • Energy Utilities and Resources
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Service Industries


  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Enterprise Service Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Governance Risk and Compliance
  • IFS Applications