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Qi for IT is a growing company involved in the implementation of IFS Applications. While Qi acts in a variety of roles, including subject-specific consultancy (e.g. procurement, sales, production, logistics, etc.), solution management and project management, our uncompromising focus on quality always plays a central role. Qi does so by only employing highly skilled consultants who have a recognizable history of success in implementing IFS Applications. Furthermore, resources are usually not fully booked, which allows for the flexibility required by today's complex projects. Finally, Qi believes that customer satisfaction is always connected fully to motivated employees. This is achieved by empowering colleagues to self-management and by creating a climate of respect and appreciation.

Qi understands itself as an initiative to improve quality in delivering services in the field of IFS Applications implementation. It combines a strong understanding of what customers are expecting today with unquestioned levels of experience and proven success.

Product / Service


ERP System selection and contractual advisory Process identification, determination of functional requirements, selection advice, negotiation support, commercial advice
ERP pre-project consulting Project team setup, detailed analysis of requirements (HR & process)
Prototyping Business process consulting, concept development, process verification, joint development of a prototype, main project preparation, initial training
Implementation of IFS Applications Business process consulting, concept development, process verification, IFS training, data migration, development of modifications, formal testing
Form and report development Creating specifications, securing development resources, supervising development and testing
Business Intelligence (BI) Joint definition of requirements, selecting the right technological platform, securing implementation resources, supervising development and testing
Oracle Administration Providing access to highly qualified administrators, supervising setup, tuning and later operation, code optimization

Qi for IT is a supplier of high quality consulting services founded on long-term obtained experience and high-quality consultants. This results almost obviously in high levels of customer satisfaction and project goal achievement.

Beside standard consulting services, Qi also offers a management role being a mixture of solution and project management. This involves working on the customer-side together with own, IFS’s or other partners’ consultants. In these days, consultants are often less experienced than back in the old days. Qi’s experience and management skills can reduce the likely negative impact on the customer by directing the consultants and acting as a filter towards the customer.

Furthermore, Qi’s experience with running IFS implementation projects can also produce within the customer’s organization. Though, medium-sized companies are often less prepared for the requirements of ERP projects than necessary, and could jeopardize the project goals right from the beginning. Qi’s role is to teach project requirements while being onsite of the customer. IFS terms and procedures are explained and translated into selecting the right people for the jobs to be performed.

Finally, projects might fail to deliver on their goals. This must not mean that a project completely fails. Qi is able to to achieve the turnaround by utilizing the right amount of well-qualified resources. We have been in that kind of situation before and know how to get out of it. This helps IFS to achieve the goal of profitability and helps the customer to go live successfully.


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