Digital Solution Group

The Digital Solution Group is IFS implementing partner and has a team of about 30 consultants, engineers and developers with well-founded experience in various areas like supply chain, finance or CRM.

Thanks to our unique history of origin as a sister company of an international acting wholesaler, we are able to reach back on about 20 years of working experience. The retail segment with its complex structured procedures and requirements is settled deep within our company’s DNA. The software IFS Applications™ ERP is used by our big sister for more than 10 years now and is therefore well known to us. Even more than that: We already have a huge amount of adjustments and extensions on hand, which we would like to bring in projects to reduce the customizing effort in IFS Applications™ for our customers to a minimum level.


  • IFS Applications™

Consulting Solution

  • Project Management
  • Process Consulting
  • Application Consulting
  • Technical Consulting

Technical Solution

  • Development Services
  • Implementation Services
  • DB Services
  • Migration Services
  • Upgrade Services
  • Interface Services

Retail Solution

  • Extended part master data
  • Complex pricing possibilities
  • Representation of multi layered customers hierarchies
  • Representation of project businesses
  • Order splits and consolidation possibilities
  • Reservation functionality and call orders
  • Extended mailing functionalities
  • Bonus and commission billing
  • Extensive returns management
  • Automated processing of EDI messages
  • B2B shop solutions
  • Multichannel solutions
  • Container and shipment management
  • Demand forecasts and order proposals

Support Solutions

  • Software und DB maintenance
  • Update support
  • Disaster recovery
  • (Key-) user trainings
  • Rights and roles management

Our Joint Value proposition is based on our close cooperation with IFS. Especially customers in the retail segment and manufacturing customers with extensive sales structures can benefit from our partnership with IFS. Our retail solution starts, where IFS’ retail-expertise ends. In individual solution packages our customers are offered extensions, interfaces and optimizations in the following areas:

  • sales
  • Purchasing
  • finance
  • Returns management
  • Order handling/processing
  • pricing
  • shipping
  • invoicing
  • manufacturing
  • Data management
  • Warehouse management
  • counting
  • Human resources
  • automation
  • administration


  • Silver

Type of Partner:

  • Channel


  • Germany


  • Manufacturing
  • Service Industries
  • Retail


  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • IFS Applications