Track and measure the environmental footprint of your retail operation

Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental implications of their purchasing decisions. The businesses that serve them are responding, and are positioning themselves, and their products, as “greener” than their competitors. Industrial manufacturers and others in the business-to-business realm are also working to lay claim to the “green” label. Meanwhile, environmental regulation worldwide is becoming more stringent. For years, there have been environmental compliance software products on the market, but these were completely separate from the enterprise software that a manufacturer might run across the enterprise. This meant either a costly and risky integration process to get the two software platforms to talk to each other or ongoing duplicate data entry, which increases cost and allows opportunity for error.

At IFS, we see IFS Applications™ as the business equivalent of the circulatory system in the body. The circulatory system delivers oxygen and blood to the organs of the body and carries away waste products. IFS Applications tracks and channels business value, revenue and cost throughout the enterprise. Rather than force IFS customers to implement a completely separate “circulatory system” to track environmental impacts like carbon footprint, waste streams and product lifecycle impacts, we created IFS Eco-footprint Management, which in essence adds fields to software components that already track financial costs, tracking these environmental costs as well. Now, with IFS Eco-footprint Management, IFS customers can enjoy powerful environmental footprint management functionality using an approach that is similar to standard costing. As products are designed and manufactured, environmental impacts are assigned to each unit, and rolled up into reporting reports that detail the impacts of product lines, business units or the entire enterprise. For more information, view our Executive Summary on IFS’ Eco Footprint Management.

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