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Intelligence in end-to-end Manufacturing

Many organizations rely on IFS software to improve operational efficiencies, deliver exceptional customer service and transform data into business value.

Producing products in a globally connected world with pressures on costs, legislative change and sustainability coupled with a boom in technology and capability – and of course and end-customer or consumer at the heart – can be a real challenge.

It’s no wonder that manufacturers are looking to data and automation for the answers to build an “intelligent automated business”.

IFS offer software capabilities to help manufacturers understand their business and automate dead processes as well as offering the functional depth and breadth required to manage a manufacturing enterprise today.

Intelligence in end-to-end Manufacturing

Explore the graphic below to discover how intelligence and automation can be applied at each stage of manufacturing

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Intelligence and automation in Product Lifecycle Management can help you learn:

  • What operational data should I capture and how can it create business value?
  • How can I detect and reduce errors?
  • Is all the data I need stored in my ERP or do I need to draw from external sources?

IFS is already helping customers to capture, select and validate the relevant, quality data needed to train Machine Learning models.

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Intelligence and automation in Sales Order Capture can help you identify:

  • How can I reduce call waiting queues?
  • How can I manage complaints more effectively?
  • How can I make my call handlers more productive?

IFS is helping companies in call-center and field service environments exploit chatbots, self-service technology and Intelligent Process Automation to increase customer satisfaction and make call handlers more effective.

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Intelligence and automation in Planning and Scheduling can help you identify:

  • What products should I be manufacturing and when?
  • What materials have I got available and what do I need to buy?
  • How can I optimize my plant efficiency?
  • How can I predict changes to my production plan and the impact they’d have?

IFS is extending AI-supported optimization capabilities to the Advanced Planning Board in order to allow for more efficient utilization of production lines and for optimal fulfilment of production needs.

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Intelligence and automation in Production can help you understand:

  • How can I ensure my production schedule is effectively optimized?
  • How can I deal with sudden changes in resource or equipment?
  • How can I automate production line goods & materials movements?

Combining historic data already available within IFS with the very latest product and order requirements and scenario analysis, companies can automatically and dynamically schedule, or re-schedule, production resources.

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Intelligence and automation in Procurement can help you recognize:

  • How to streamline procurement?
  • Which vendors should I approach?
  • What external risks might affect production

AI can help optimize a general purchase strategy, making it more dynamic and less reactive. Decisions to anticipate or delay purchases can be made by analyzing market trends, creating more dynamic and effective inventory management.

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Intelligence and automation in Warehousing and Distribution can help you understand:

  • How can I improve the way I store my products?
  • Can I better use my storage space to allow for growth?
  • Is my picking process as efficient as it can be to reduce bottlenecks?

IFS has already introduced robotic materials handling with robots orchestrated by IFS data. A customer’s robot fleet automatically fetches and delivers heavy raw materials to the manufacturing production line, also collecting the finished goods and taking them back into the warehouse using put-away logic.

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Intelligence and automation in Customer Relationship Management can help you recognize:

  • How can I get meaningful insight from my campaign data?
  • How can I understand and manage complaints more effectively?
  • How can I ensure a better customer experience?

IFS are currently helping companies in call-center and field service environments exploit chatbots, self-service technology and Intelligent Process Automation to increase customer satisfaction and make call handlers more effective.

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Intelligence and automation in Finance can help you understand:

  • How do I get visibility over the entire transaction lifecycle?
  • How do I accurately plan demand?
  • How do I prevent inaccurate budgeting and forecasting?

In financial planning, enterprise-wide financial insights available from Machine Learning let manufacturers plan and make commercial forecasts with more certainty. They can also quantify risk more accurately. Here too, pattern-matching can help by quickly highlighting any budgeting and forecasting inaccuracies.

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Intelligence and automation in Human Capital Management can help you identify:

  • How do I recruit the right people?
  • What the best way to incentivize my staff?
  • How do I ensure adequate staffing levels?
  • How do I predict and plan future skills needs?

Intelligence-based capacity and skills planning solutions allow manufacturers to accurately predict labor and skills requirements for current and future products, ensuring adequate time for recruitment, training, upskilling or outsourcing.

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Intelligence and automation in Quality Management can help you understand:

  • How do I ensure I meet quality audits?
  • How do I prevent recalls?
  • How do I improve product quality, reduce the cost of rework and predict my yields and losses?

IFS is currently testing the application of cognitive computing, from search to computer vision, to enhance quality management processes.

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Intelligence and automation in Operational Intelligence can help you identify:

  • How can I spot mistakes, oversights and errors?
  • How can I detect valuable operational trends?
  • How can I improve data integrity?

By building pattern-based models, Artificial Intelligence can automatically detect and highlight errors or anomalies that would otherwise go unnoticed with manual checks and observations.

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Intelligence and automation in Maintenance can help you identify:

  • How can I ensure plant maintenance is correctly planned to maintain maximum uptime?
  • How can I ensure critical spares are in stock?
  • How can I support technicians in the field with relevant information to increase first-time fix and effectiveness?

Machine Learning and Digital Twins can help reduce unplanned shutdowns and make maintenance schedules more effective. By analyzing data from sensors and historical performance, periodic maintenance intervals can be intelligently adjusted to more accurately reflect an asset’s actual operating condition and use.

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