Business Modeling 2

About this Course

In this training the focus is on further understanding of additional Maps (such as GeoMap, CustomMap) and frameworks & packaged solutions (such as Performance frameworks, Risk & Compliance frameworks, BI administrator and Document Management Solution).


Business Modelers: The Business Modeler is responsible for modeling the landscapes and frameworks in the Model Engine (MAPPING). To be able to do this, a Business Modeler engages with the customer’s analysts and end-users. Another responsibility of the Business Modeler is to design the functional cube properties for the creation of data cubes for the BI Modeler.

  • Functional Cube Design
  • Advanced Modeling 2

At the end of this course, the participants are able to:

  • To understand the theory behind the Performance & Risk Framework
  • To understand the architecture of business cubes and the responsibilities and the process of Functional Cube Design
  • To understand EOI Designer Cube and be able to model a business cube with its indicators
  • To be able to model Risk & Compliance frameworks
  • To be able to use Cockpit context filtering on Cockpits
  • To understand how to use additional IFS EOI maps (Geo and Custom map) and packaged solutions on Cockpits
  • To be able to manage IFS EOI user & security settings, and being able to manage Model Databases

Knowledge: Basic knowledge of the EOI platform and the IFS EOI model engine

Courses: Business Modeling 1

Exams: Associate level IFS EOI Fundamentals


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  • Consultants


  • Specialist


  • IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence




2 days