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CONTACT Software: Create. Together.

Focus on the innovation process, not on specific tools! CONTACT is a leading vendor of unique standard software for your innovation process. Our slogan: “Create. Together.” captures the essence of our mission, which is to produce best-in-class solutions for collaborative product development.

Our products allow you to organize projects, implement reliable processes, and collaborate with others around the world on the basis of virtual product modules. Our open technology and architecture are ideal both for integration with other IT systems such as ERP software and tools such as CAx and for providing end-to-end support for business processes. We take pride in our ability to listen and in our many longstanding relationships with hundreds of implementations and thousands of users around the globe.

  • CONTACT Elements Platform Open Component Architecture: CONTACT Elements is the best platform to create things together. Our end customers, as well as partners and third-party vendors, rely on our excellent open technology platform CONTACT Elements. Based on the innovative component architecture, partners and third-party vendors adapt existing and proven application modules to create innovative, best-in-class solutions for their industries or regions.
  • CIM Database PLM: CIM DATABASE is the comprehensive PDM/ PLM solution for collaborative product development. It is designed as a turnkey system and permits outstandingly scalable, individually tailored solutions thanks to the wide range of applications covered and the system's versatile adaptability.
  • Project Office: Project Office provides comprehensive, process-oriented project management. It supports enterprises that systematically plan and implement their projects on the basis of process models and best practices. Project Office provides company management with a tool that allows it to align the project portfolio with the corporate objectives and monitor project implementation.
  • Workspaces: Workspaces are CONTACT's completely new, open solution for CAD and multi-CAD data management and collaboration. They permit the faster, synchronized cooperation of self-organized development teams. CONTACT Workspaces ensure that the CAD data is available without any loss of time in the enterprise's PLM and ERP backbone.

Our customers – globally acting enterprises as well as specialized local organizations – are innovation driven engineering companies, characterized by sophisticated products and processes.

CIM DATABASE for IFS - advantages for you:

Item Master Management: Automatic creation and modification of design parts, management of item revi¬sions in IFS, online retrieval of item mas¬ter data from IFS.

Real-time Inventory Information: Reliably current inventory information in the PDM and ERP systems.

Status Synchronization: Early preparation of control and informa¬tion data for the further development of items.

BOM Management: Creation, modification, and deletion of en¬gineering BOMs in ERP, optional genera¬tion of reports when editing BOM items and rights management when changing already synchronized BOMs.

Version and Document Management: Results of product development directly available at the ERP workstation. Crea¬tion or release of a new product version is automatically reflected in IFS. Multiple representation of a document in neutral formats.

MultiCAD: To a great extent, the same user experience for all common CAD systems

Intensive and tight collaboration between IFS and CONTACT Software by expanding the jointly developed interface on a common development platform.

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  • ハイテク産業
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  • ERP(企業資源の最適化計画)
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