DinERP’s products help customers save time and money by optimizing their existing IFS Applications™ for non-expert users - often around 80% of the total workforce.

We drive digital transformation by enabling new digital workflows that employees quickly adopt, because they enable everyday processes such as invoice approval, time registration and expense reporting to be completed quickly on any device, without training.

By enabling the entire workforce to easily adopt new digital workflows and more efficient processes, we help our customers maximize their use and ROI of IFS Applications, enabling them to realize their digital transformation strategies, from the bottom up, without even trying.

Enterprise Portals: Streamlined workflows for IFS Applications

B2B Portals: Cross company collaboration solutions integrated with IFS Applications

IFS Applications is a single, integrated application suite that enables global and demanding businesses maintain agility and competitive advantage by bringing users closer to their businesses, increasing their flexibility in running them, and maximizing their ability to take advantage of change.

DinERP adds value to installations of IFS Applications by enhancing the user experience for non-expert users. This ensures IFS customers maximize the ROI of their IFS Applications by ensuring all users adopt new digital processes which realizes the full potential and value of IFS Applications. DinERP products also extend the standard functionality of IFS Applications.

Most IFS customers have far more ‘light users’ than expert or ‘heavy’ users. As most employees have little or no experience of ERP or enterprise systems in general, but are still required to use the system to administrate day to day tasks, adding DinERP solutions to the powerful functionality of the IFS platform provides a level of simplicity that enables those employees to use IFS Applications.

The addition of DinERP products for specific workflows such as Approvals, digital forms, HCM & HR, product management and inter-company collaboration, means IFS customers can implement faster digital processes for all employees regardless of their experience and skill levels with ERP. This enables IFS to deliver far greater value across the customer’s organization as whole. Large enterprises are keen to ensure any IT implementation is as user friendly as possible for all employees, not only the ERP experts, as they need to maximize the return on their investment. DinERP enables ROI to be maximized by providing faster workflows that are less prone to user error, and that require no additional investment in training for large numbers of employees.

DinERP also offers unique, secure, but user-friendly solutions to facilitate inter-company collaboration within the ISF Applications environment. These Business to Business solutions enhance and extend the existing functionality of IFS Applications into important new areas that help to drive the digital transformation of IFS customers, which aligns with the business strategy of most leading enterprise companies.

The combination of IFS Applications + DinERP products therefore often meets customers’ needs more effectively and more completely than a stand-alone installation of IFS Applications.

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