Q-TC is a reseller and implementation partner of IFS’ Enterprise Operational Intelligence solution. Q-TC facilitates the complete process for an implementation for our customers. Starting with the marketing/sales to a complete implementation. Q-TC searches the market for the best high-end solution for our customers and now the EOI platform compliments our vision with the right solution. 

Information overload is widespread. The endless flow of business data is a constant challenge for today’s decision-makers. And in some cases, decisions are made based on incomplete information, because people just don’t have the time to collect and analyze the relevant data from all the different systems: within their own organization and from the outside world. Being able to execute informed decisions in real-time is a differentiator. 

Q-TC’s adaptive enterprise platform takes Business Operational Intelligence to the next level. By uniquely combining decision intelligence and business intelligence Q-TC delivers integrated, real-time Business Operational Intelligence to all levels of the organization: strategic, tactical and operational. 

The products and services offered by Q-TC Nederland BV are as follows:

  • Business Operational Intelligence
    The same as EOI from IFS | VisionWaves
  • Sales/marketing
    Q-TC is an independent implementation partner that facilitates the complete implementation process. Marketing and sales / consultancy / implementation for the total Business Operational Intelligence platform (EOI from IFS| VisionWaves). Q-TC provides their customers with the high-end solution, which is available on the market. Q-TC finds that the EOI platform from IFS | VisionWaves the best overlaying solution for our customers today. 
  • Consulting
    Q-TC has its own business consultancy department. All of our specialist have had the EOI Bootcamp training. They have the knowledge for workshops/ advising/implementation/ etc. IFS EOI is not the only solution for businesses and Q-TC provides and masters more EOI solutions. This is why Q-TC is an independent business partner.  


  • プラチナ

Type of Partner:

  • Solutions
  • サービス・パートナー
  • Solutions
  • 販売パートナー
  • Referral


  • Netherlands