PerCredo, LLC

PerCredo is a cyber-security technology company that adds value by helping clients fully leverage cyber security technologies in the fight against cyber threats. We offer a range of complementary services based around our unique Cyber Guidance System (CGS) and approach: 

  • Solution Design – We help clients get full value out of their existing investment in cyber security technologies by designing an end-to-end cyber security solution using our EOI-based CGS platform and unique approach to holistic security strategy. 
  • Implementation - We draw on extensive systems implementation expertise to implement the CGS solution on premise or in a secure cloud environment.
  • Operational Configuration and Alignment - We apply unique know-how to configure CGS to meet operational security, compliance, and business goals.
  • Training - We offer tailored training in all aspects of CGS to ensure users get full value from the implementation. 
  • Change Management - We work with stakeholders across the enterprise to understand current issues, introduce the need for change, provide insight and knowledge to encourage engagement, and drive adoption of CGS.
  • Security Technology Strategy - Through our own experience, and our established network of trusted partners, SMEs and advisors, we are constantly scanning the cyber security horizon to identify innovative approaches that will integrate with CGS to deliver enhanced value and create a future-proof cyber security strategy.

Cyber Guidance System (CGS)

Holistic cyber management and security orchestration platform built in partnership with IFS using the IFS EOI platform. CGS provides strategic command and control of the complex cyber environment, giving executives, managers and analysts alike a unified perspective on security posture, areas of priority, business impact and progress of the cyber program in achieving security goals.


Enterprise Endpoint Threat Detection & Response system.

Despite billions of dollars of investment in security technologies by governments and companies around the world, the problem of managing the complexity of the cyber security enterprise has not been solved - until now. Cyber Guidance System (CGS), a joint PerCredo/IFS value proposition that leverages the IFS EOI platform, is an end-to-end approach that provides a unique framework for gaining and retaining strategic control of the cyber security program, and driving improvements in overall security. It is part of the emerging trend identified by the SANS Institute (a leading cyber training and accreditation organization), towards the need for a ‘heads up display’ instead of the traditional dashboard and rear view mirror. It is no longer enough to question where we have been. Today’s progressive organizations need to ask: Where are we going? What changes need to be made to get there? What is adding value? 

CGS is a new paradigm in cyber security – an orchestrated security management platform - that puts the CIO back in control with a strategic view of how the cyber program is performing, where the focus should be, and what the priorities are to ensure delivery of the mission. CGS leverages the full capability of the EOI platform to provide:

  • Guidance – a strategic insight into security posture and risk, and a ‘map’ of how to execute a strategy to achieve critical security and business goals
  • Alignment – confirmation and performance management of the cyber program’s alignment with critical policies, standards and controls
  • Engagement – Individualized cockpits for everyone who has a role to play in cyber security, delivering exactly the information and levers they need to do their job effectively, and to connect them to the outcomes that matter.
  • Control – a comprehensive linkage to the underlying security processes that ultimately drive security, enabling systematic cause and effect analysis, and sustainable continual improvement.

In today’s increasingly complex cyber terrain, security professionals need guidance. With CGS, clients will be able to map their cyber program, monitor how it is performing, and manage resources more effectively to deliver continual improvements in security. 


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