For over 20 years, Syscon is an interdisciplinary consulting partner for the holistic optimization of processes, organizational structures, and information management. Our consulting segments ‘Process Management’, ‘ERP Consulting’ and ‘Business Intelligence’ combine business and technical expertise equally.

Today, however, a global footprint alone does not deliver competitive advantage. An integrated global business model is emerging as the competitive advantage for international companies. The business synergies that drive success in the integrated global business model are of special significance and define market survival. This creates demands for integrated ERP-structures but also needs for integrated processes as well as strengthened reporting options, which must have end-to-end visibility of all business processes relating to products and services. 


Installation and Implementation of the IFS BI solution based on the Microsoft technology stack


Installation and Implementation including process re-engineering

Process Management

Business Process Analysis and Optimization, Data Quality Management


BI Front End for Analysis & Reporting


Integrated Financial Planning


Legal Consolidation

To reach the above-mentioned targets, main parts of the organizational structure have to be standardized. This is in fact not the core business of an ERP implementer, these requirements and issues demand additional consulting services. 

The same is about IFS Business Intelligence (BI) and especially with IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI). To implement both products successfully you need knowledge about business process reengineering and data integration (especially on Microsoft technique), which is not the core competence of an ERP vendor.

Herein lies the great added value which Syscon brings to your project – the harmonic symbiosis of business management and technique. 


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  • CPM(コーポレート・パフォーマンス管理)