AEB is an internationally leading company in global trade and supply chain management, providing software, consultancy and services for more than 35 years to over 5,000 customers worldwide. AEB is based in Stuttgart (Germany) with branch offices in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich and Soest, and development centers in Mainz and Lübeck. AEB has international offices in the United Kingdom (Leamington Spa), Singapore, Switzerland (Zurich), Austria (Salzburg), Sweden (Malmö), the Netherlands (Rotterdam), Czech Republic (Prague), France (Paris), and the US.

With its core product and comprehensive solution suite ASSIST4, AEB offers an integrated software suite for automating and standardizing global trade, logistics, and risk management processes. AEB supports a multitude of companies in the areas of transport and freight management, customs clearing, export controls, supply chain visibility and warehouse management. Resulting in reliable, secure and efficient processes, increased transparency over commodity flows, costs and service levels, and facilitating the continuous optimization of supply chain networks – within and beyond business boundaries.

AEB has customers in over thirty countries and serves a customer base that spans multiple industries and types of companies – including global players and small to medium sized businesses. This global coverage is strengthened by AEB’s international subsidiaries and network of partners and allows AEB to better position itself as a global IT solutions provider for logistics and foreign trade.

All software from AEB stems from the principle of delivering high-quality products. Therefore the development of our software and operation of our data center is based in Germany. This in turn enables us to securely offer different modes of operation ranging from customer-site and hosted installations to hybrid and AEB Cloud installations – from a protected environment and governed by German data protection laws and regulations.

Customs Management
  • Integrated global trade management, international customs solution
  • ATLAS import, ATLAS export
  • Product classification, origin & preferences

Transport & Freight Management

  • Shipment consolidation
  • Freight cost management, freight cost optimization, carrier integration
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • Track & trace

Compliance & Risk Management

  • Global trade integration, restricted party screening
  • Export controls, EU & US regulations

Visibility & Collaboration Platform

  • Integration platform, monitoring & alerting
  • Performance analysis, reporting & KPIs
  • Process & stock visibility, time slot management
  • Confirmation of arrival

By partnering, AEB and IFS - two of the leaders in their respective segments - combine forces. The integration of AEB solutions within the IFS applications brings to customers a significant added value: they receive the best possible support for their business processes in each area. This renders the portfolio, both of IFS and AEB, even more powerful and attractive. For AEB, the partnership is also a further consistent step in its internationalization strategy: with IFS, AEB’s international solutions are getting a strong partner who operates successfully worldwide.

The close link between the IFS Applications ERP and the supply chain management (SCM) software suite ASSIST4 of AEB enables optimal support of logistics and foreign trade processes in companies. A smooth exchange of data between the two systems, through standard interfaces, allows easy analysis and reporting and ensures higher efficiency and safety in areas such as customs management, export controls, transport management, and origin and preferences management.

“We have already worked together with IFS in numerous projects and are glad to lay the partnership base for a successful future cooperation, because we can offer a real added value for our customers by integrating both solutions. In addition, the cooperation is of great importance for AEB’s internationalization strategy. For example, we expect considerable impulses for our new office in Sweden due to the strong position of IFS in Scandinavia”, says Jens Beck, Partner Manager at AEB.


  • Authorized

Type of Partner:

  • Solutions


  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom


  • 航空・防衛産業
  • 自動車産業
  • 建設&エンジニアリング工事請負業
  • エネルギー・公益・発電産業
  • ハイテク産業
  • 産業用機械・機器製造業
  • 石油&天然ガス産業
  • プロセス生産
  • 小売・卸売業
  • 保守・サービス事業者


  • ERP(企業資源の最適化計画)