B&M TRICON GmbH is a leading independent supplier of products and solutions for automatic identification (auto-ID) and data collection for industry, commerce, trade, healthcare, transport and logistics. The head office is located in Vienna (Austria) with branch offices in Traun (Austria), Nuremberg and Mannheim (Germany). We offer one-stop logistic solutions: from the design and implementation of complete solutions, to the development of customized electronic components and software, all the way up to the sale of products of renowned manufacturers.

We provide solutions for the entire supply chain and have many years of experience in project implementation with specialized technology, engineering and software departments. Our customers benefit through the optional or combined use of several auto-ID technologies like RFID, barcode, 2D code and imaging. Furthermore, we offer complete service from consulting to roll-out/installation and training as well as manufacturer-certified servicing and maintenance agreements.

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Handheld computers & scanners,  forklift & vehicle terminals

Our hardware for automatic data collection

  • collects your data by barcode, 2D code and RFID on site
  • transfers your data via wireless LAN or wireless WAN
  • speeds up your processes through real-time data transfer
  • lowers the data collection effort
  • reduces data collection errors and complaints
  • ensures up-to-date and transparent inventories
  • enables your products to be tracked and traced
  • offers counterfeit protection for your products

Printers, labels & ribbons

We offer printers, ribbons and labels

  • for every use: barcode, 2D code, RFID
  • for every environment: hot, cold, humid, damp, dusty, greasy, UV light
  • for every surface: smooth, rough, level, metal, cardboard, food, plastic, glass
  • in every material: paper, plastic, cardboard, metal, ceramic
  • in every type: blank, printed, white, transparent, colour
  • in every shape: round, square, rectangular
  • in every format: single row, multi-row, on roll, fan-folded

RFID & GSM Sensor Tag

The SENSOR TAG from B&M TRICON is available in several product configurations, supplies reliable short- and long-term data about temperature and humidity, and recognizes possible vibration. Thanks to its using a range of different types of casing, the SENSOR TAG can be used in almost any area.

Support & maintenance service

We accompany customers from the beginning, all the way through the implementation stage, and even once the solution is in operation.

Mobile device management (MDM) as a managed service

B&M TRICON’s managed service packages include central control of your devices, out-of-the-box staging, remote viewer and status reports.

Professional WLAN solutions

Operation and support are run by B&M TRICON’s NOC (Network Operations Centre). While running the virtualized, software based WLAN controller, the entire wireless network is managed centrally via a single management interface.

B&M TRICON provides products and solution for automatic identification and data collection. We offer hardware such as handheld computers, scanners, forklift terminals, vehicle terminals and printers of renowned manufacturers. Our products allow simple and convenient connection to the systems of IFS.

We accompany customers from the beginning, all the way through the implementation stage, and even once the solution is in operation. This contains services like repair service, maintenance concepts and mobile device management as a managed service.


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  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Switzerland


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  • 資産集約型産業
  • 航空・防衛産業
  • ハイテク産業
  • 産業用機械・機器製造業
  • プロセス生産
  • 小売・卸売業


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