Disruption is impacting all sectors of the economy world-wide. To stay relevant, organizations need to stop tinkering at the edges and embrace serious innovation. Smashblock was created to bring disruptive technologies and ideas to market to solve difficult and complex business problems.

Successful innovation is hard work and it requires deep expertise across several disciplines including process, knowledge and change management. Our team has the skills and experience across many industries to make it happen. The magic happens when our expertise is combined with the best innovative technologies we can find or create.

Our go to market strategy is very simple. Leverage our expertise in solving complex business problems with access at the “C-Suite” level with about several hundred major companies or government departments.

Management Guidance Systems (MGS): EOI based solution configured for C-Level managers to manage strategy and risk

Cyber Guidance System (CGS): EOI based solution configured for cyber security management jointly developed by PerCredo and IFS (previously VisionWaves)

Risk Management Consulting Services: Based on direct experience in the financial institution industry at the C-Level, Smashblock provides risk management consulting to establish a risk management plan and system using EOI.

EOI Implementation Services: Smashblock has trained business modeling consultants on EOI.

Smashblock Focuses on IFS EOI Primary Industries:

Oil, Gas, and Energy Distribution: We are well connected at the C Suite with Canada’s two largest gas distribution companies and the regulatory bodies which govern them. We know the challenges facing the industry and the regulators and the difficulties in managing a massively complex and often aging infrastructure.

Mining: We have extensive experience and strong ties with senior management at several major mining companies with operations in Canada and globally. In addition, we have had discussions with government officials in both Canada and South Africa as a result of our partner’s participation in PDAC, the world’s largest mining convention held in Toronto each year. We plan to introduce your Mining “Starter Pack” to mining executives at an event here in Toronto this fall. This initiative will be led by a partner with deep technical and business experience in the mining sector. He has developed and implemented dashboard technology at several large Canadian mining companies.

Aviation, Transportation, and Defense: One of our founding partners, has extensive experience as a military helicopter pilot and advisor for the Ministry of Defense in the UK. Our CEO and our chief security advisor have both had extensive experience with airlines, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority and IATA which is headquartered in Montreal. In addition, we are learning from, and leveraging, PerCredo’s work with the U.S. Navy, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the U.K. Ministry of Defense.

Manufacturing: Smashblock’s CEO was the head of a global make to order ERP company and developed an extensive list of contacts in manufacturing around the world. Closer to home, our team has a close relationship with the CEO and CIO of Magna International, one of the world’s largest auto parts manufacturers. We believe that EOI could be a huge benefit to help them manage their diverse and complex operations.


  • シルバー

Type of Partner:

  • 販売パートナー
  • サービス・パートナー


  • Canada
  • United States


  • 航空・防衛産業
  • 自動車産業
  • エネルギー・公益・発電産業


  • CPM(コーポレート・パフォーマンス管理)