InfoConsulting supports Digital Transformation processes in various organizations, delivering IT services and solutions for industry, public administration and service companies. We specialize in implementing ERP systems, Business Intelligence solutions, providing IT consulting services, as well as offering comprehensive service care. We were proud to win the IFS Innovative Partner of Year 2018 for the EMEA region, which we received during IFS World Conference in Atlanta.

For more than 10 years, InfoConsulting has been operating in the Polish market, helping more than 200 customers. At the beginning of 2019, we combined the competences of four strong expert teams from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. From January 1st, the InfoConsulting Group has become the leading and main partner of IFS in the region, taking over the duties and services of all existing and new customers.

InfoConsulting Group is a team of nearly 200 high-quality analysts, architects and developers with many years of experience in a wide range of IT solutions across a broad spectrum of industries.

InfoSourcing Sp. z o.o. is a company that is also part of the InfoConsulting Group. InfoSourcing is a partner of IFS.


As industry specific experts with access to the latest information systems, we are ideally placed to provide advanced IT solutions to a wide range of businesses. With the ability to adapt to individual needs, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke IT and business solutions to our clients. The company offers IT solutions in support of business management such as: IFS Applications, INFO Business Intelligence, INFO Billing, INFO Reports, and eBOK- electronic Customer Services.

Working with InfoConsulting will provide your business with an advanced skill pool of high-quality experts in the areas of IT consulting and the implementation of innovative IT solutions, with all of the guarantees you require in relation to quality and security. InfoConsulting prides itself on its ability to grow and expand in line with the growing demands of our customers. Our experience, advanced knowledge of Information Technology and understanding of the complexities of today’s high-tech business marketplace ensure that we are market leaders in the areas of business analysis and solution design and implementation. We perform all the analyses, projects and implementations entrusted to us in a timely manner and in accordance with the commitments made by us.

InfoConsulting Innovative POY Winner 2019 IFS Services Mid-market Partner of the Year Award winner

IFS Applications: 9, 10

INFO Reports: A tool for creating reports. INFO Reports is a product prepared by InfoConsulting as an accompaniment to IFS Applications in order for customers to utilize the system to an even greater extent. INFO Reports is fully integrated with IFS Application 8, 9 and 10 and replaces other reporting systems while providing much better functionality. The INFO Reports module utilizes Jasper Quick Reports technology and is prepared in a way that the direct processing of the IFS Applications main database data is much simpler than before. Thanks to JasperSoftStudio (configuration tool) it is also possible to pre-configure data sources and to edit/improve your pre-defined report. JasperSoftStudio helps to design the report from scratch or to use one from many ready-made templates. It also supports the improvement process through the entire project and its phases, including compilation, report generation and its visualization.

INFO Business Intelligence: InfoConsulting has developed a modern IT solution for data management (Business Intelligence BI), which allows many databases to be used. It also provides information to employees, members of management and contractors – depending on the granted access rights. INFO BI is a system that offers a range of advanced key functionalities. The solution has a pre-defined Data Warehouse for the system of IFS Applications, and also pre-defined elements of Business Intelligence architecture (i.e. attributes, metrics, time transformations, KPIs, reports, dashboards, data hierarchies, dictionaries, translations) that enable this class system to be implemented in a much shorter time, while at the same time reducing implementation costs.

INFO Billing: INFO Billing is an accompaniment to IFS Applications, and is designed to support the work of utility supply companies. The system supports processes related to customer service from the moment of submitting an application through to the settlement of periodic payments for the delivery of utilities.

eBOK: eBOK is a modern communication channel that streamlines customer service. With this platform, the customer has the ability to inspect their own affairs via the Internet. Current data on the liabilities to the company, access to their own documents with no need to leave home, as well as access to all the information gathered in one place are always available. The system by InfoConsulting supports the daily work of many enterprises and facilitates their customer service process


  • プラチナ

Type of Partner:

  • 販売パートナー


  • Finland
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Slovakia


  • 自動車産業
  • 建設&エンジニアリング工事請負業
  • エネルギー・公益・発電産業
  • ハイテク産業
  • ハイテク産業
  • Manufacturing
  • 保守・サービス事業者
  • 石油&天然ガス産業


  • EAM(企業設備資産管理)
  • ERP(企業資源の最適化計画)
  • CRM(顧客情報管理)
  • IFS Applications
  • CPM(コーポレート・パフォーマンス管理)
  • EPM(プロジェクト型事業管理)
  • ESM(企業サービス管理)
  • GRC(企業統治・リスク管理・法令順守)
  • IFS Maintenix
  • SCM(サプライチェーン管理)