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Clevest Customer Advisory Board

Collaborate. Innovate. Accelerate!

Clevest’s Customer Advisory Board (CAB) includes representatives from energy and water utilities and provides an avenue for obtaining important customer feedback. Clevest works closely with our board members to help set our future product direction. We look forward to discussions on the industry challenges they see and collaborating on innovative solution ideas.

Alliant Energy

Randy Bauer has over 40 years’ experience in the gas and electric utility industry. As Director of Operational Resources, he is responsible for a variety of operations support functions for Alliant Energy’s Iowa utility. Prior to this he held a variety of roles including Customer Operations, Integrated Resource Planning, Transmission Planning, and Electric Distribution System Planning. He joined the Customer Advisory Board to identify opportunities on how Mobile Workforce Management can help realize operational excellence, gain insight into Clevest’s mobile platform, and learn how other utilities are utilizing these capabilities.

Colorado Springs Utilities

Charles Cassidy is a retired United States Marine with extensive leadership and planning experience integrating people, purpose, process, and technology for complex, multifunctional organizations. Prior to his role as Field Services Manager at Colorado Springs Utilities, he participated in the Veterans Local Government Management Fellowship at the utility working in the Emergency Management and Continuity section. His military service includes serving as the Special Plans Branch Chief, J5 Directorate for the U.S. Northern Command; the Commanding Officer of 3d Battalion, 2d Marine Regiment, 2d Marine Division; and the Director of future Operations for Task Force Leatherneck in Afghanistan.  He is also a member of the International City/County Management Association. He joined the Customer Advisory Board to gain additional knowledge and insight into Clevest’s mobile platform and learn how other utilities are utilizing these capabilities.


Elexicon Energy

Falguni Shah has worked in the electric utility industry for more than 25 years in various capacities, providing strategic leadership to foster creativity and innovation. Prior to her role as Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Elexicon Energy, she held roles as Acting Vice President of Operations and Manager of Distribution Automation at Veridian Connections, as well as Distribution Engineer at Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation. Falguni chairs the EDA Operations and Engineering Council, a member of the CEA Distribution Council and IESO-Grid LDC Interoperability Committee. She is also involved with a number of universities and colleges for the advancement of innovation projects in the area of distribution system automation and power system program advisory committees. She joined the Customer Advisory Board to provide insight into Clevest’s digitization plan and product innovation from a utility perspective, to achieve key outcomes in productivity and customer satisfaction by using emerging workforce management technologies.

FortisBC Energy Inc.

Tim Swanson has over 34 years’ experience in the utility industry. Prior to his current role, he was Director, Information & Infrastructure Security and was responsible for NERC CIP, OT gas and electric, including SCADA, and all IoT outside coporate. He has also held the positions of Director, Information Systems and IT Manager at the utility. He is a member of Canadian Electricity Association, Western Energy Institute, and BC Tech; and is a certified Professional Project Manager. He joined the Customer Advisory Board to contribute his experiences in the utility industry and to support the direction of products and technologies.

FortisBC Energy Inc.

Darrin Crozier has over 30 years’ experience in the utility industry, starting out as a laborer and advancing to his current role as Director of Operations at FortisBC. He has held various positions at the utility and its predecessors (Terasen Gas and Centra Gas) including Operations Manager, Regional Manager, Crew Leader, and Instructor. Darrin holds a Utility Management Certificate and is a member of the Canadian Gas Association. He joined the Customer Advisory Board to share experiences and build relationships with his peers and learn about advances in both Clevest’s products and in technologies for the utility industry.

Memphis Light, Gas and Water

Michael Faulk has over 26 years’ experience in the multi-service utility industry. Prior to his role of Information Services Manager at Memphis Light, Gas and Water, he held positions as CIS Supervisor, Project Manager, Developer, Computer Engineer over Meter Reading, Cashiering/Payments, Mobile Dispatch, and Smart Meters at the utility. He joined the Customer Advisory Board to network with other users, discuss how other utilities are using the product, and discuss MLGW’s mobile experience over the past 18 years and find what's been missing.

Scope Services

Mike Pfarrer is a retired US Naval Officer with over 20 years of leadership experience, helping companies achieve their operational and strategic goals through the use of innovative IT solutions. Prior to his role as VP of Information Technology, he managed Whirlpool Corporation’s Engineering and Internet of Things (IOT) IT Operations and Support organizations; responsible for providing around the clock support to over 15,000 employees and 250,000 consumers globally. In this position, Mike led Whirlpool’s Agile, DevOps and Cloud transformations. During his 20 years in the United States Navy, Mike held numerous leadership positions in business transformation, operations and logistics, synthetic training and technologies, strategic and operational planning, and government and international operations. Mike holds Project Management Professional (PMP) and Black Belt Certified Professional certifications. He joined the Customer Advisory Board to gain knowledge and insight into Clevest’s roadmap for incorporating current and future IT innovation.

Southern California Gas

Brian McMillin has over 35 years’ experience in the gas utility industry. Prior to his role as Technology Manager – Customer Services Field at Southern California Gas, he held positions at the utility in IT and various field staff organizations. Brian is a member of various mobile solution advisory boards and holds several technology certifications, including Microsoft and CompTIA. He joined Clevest’s Customer Advisory Board to learn more about Clevest’s product roadmap, add value to the product base, and learn how other utilities leverage Clevest products.

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Tacoma Public Utilities

Amanda Thibeault has 11 years of Information Technology experience in public sector and utilities, City of Tacoma (COT) – General Government and Tacoma Public Utilities, respectively. Her area of responsibility includes SAP Work and Asset Management, Material Management, Human Capital Management and Workforce Mobility. Prior to her role of IT Supervisor, she was a senior functional analyst primarily supporting COT’s enterprise mobility software. Previous to her career at COT, Amanda spent 8 years as a Procure to Pay analyst at Weyerhaeuser company, working in various software to support Procurement and Accounts payable. She is joining IFS/Clevest’s Customer Advisory Board to hear from other companies how they utilize the software and to collaborate with fellow stakeholders to help influence the future roadmap for Clevest software.