Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Østfold Energi upgrades its IFS Applications suite to support critical infrastructure

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IFS solution to help Scandinavian power generation company improve predictive maintenance and digitize its business operations

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Norwegian Østfold Energi has chosen to upgrade to the latest version of IFS Applications™. The implementation will start in the spring 2018 and the new solution will be up and running by Q4 this year. The power company operates ten hydropower plants, two wind farms and six heating plants.

Østfold Energi initially started using IFS Applications in 1999. Although Østfold Energi kept its ERP solution well maintained, the company realized the potential usability and performance benefits that the latest version of IFS Applications offers. Based on this, Østfold Energi is upgrading its IFS solution, which will now support users with finance, HR, procurement, project and maintenance functionality. The upgrade will also give Østfold Energi access to IFS Lobby, a role-based user interface that can be adapted to the needs of the individual users which improves business efficiency.

"We are responsible for critical infrastructure and must have a complete overview of everything relating to it at all times," said Oddmund Kroken, CEO of Østfold Energi. "We have to know that the power stations can deliver what they are supposed to at any given minute of the day. If something unforeseen happens, we must instantly know exactly what to do with the components in question. The latest version of IFS Applications covers absolutely all our requirements while eliminating the need for customizations, which often makes big IT projects like this far more expensive."

Østfold Energi application manager for ERP systems, Heidi Wisur Hansen, added, "Part of the reason for upgrading was that we wanted to improve our predictive maintenance, establish more efficient purchase processes and acquisitions, as well as make our business operations more digital. We also want to have more information available in real-time in a visually appealing user interface. Another benefit is that everyone in our organization already is familiar with this solution."

Glenn Arnesen, CEO of IFS in Scandinavia, said, "We are thrilled that Østfold Energi has chosen to continue our working relationship, which goes all the way back to 1999. IFS Applications has all the features that are required to run Østfold Energi's multi-power plant operations across the country. This is an era where ERP systems provide real value to complex companies, which our customers can subsequently pass on to their clients. For Østfold Energi, the result is improved customer service as power supply is kept stable, monitored, properly maintained and perfectly managed."

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About Østfold Energi

Østfold Energi is an energy producer owned by Østfold County Municipality and 13 local municipalities in Østfold. The company owns 10 hydro power plants, is a co-owner of two wind farms and owns six heating plants. Østfold Energi currently has 54 employees and a net profit of MNOK 38 in 2016.

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