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Global medical technology manufacturer selects IFS for business efficiency and legal compliance

Global medical technology manufacturer selects IFS for business efficiency and legal compliance

Dutch Ophthalmic Research Center (D.O.R.C.) to deploy fully integrated business solution from IFS in the cloud across global organization

London, February 9, 2021 – Efficiency, effectiveness, and quality assurance at the fore as Dutch Ophthalmic Research Center (D.O.R.C.), a high-quality supplier of ophthalmic surgical instruments, equipment, liquids and accessories, turns to IFS, the global enterprise applications company, to ensure compliance with international norms and regulations for medical technology, most prominently the European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR).

Previously relying on a multitude of disparate business systems to manage its international business, D.O.R.C. began scanning the market for a fully integrated, cloud-based enterprise solution that could be rolled out to all staff working at its 13 sites in 12 countries worldwide and support sales operations in over 80 countries. Following a comprehensive evaluation process, the company selected IFS as its technology partner.

IFS will deliver an integrated solution covering all business-critical processes, including manufacturing, supply chain management, product data management, export control, planning and scheduling, quality control and sales. Drawing on one version of the truth, D.O.R.C. staff will be able to access real-time insights into the business while ensuring a robust audit trail for legal compliance. 

“Operating in a highly regulated sector with stringent quality requirements, we needed a technology partner with extensive industry experience and expertise,” said Pierre Billardon, Chief Executive Officer, D.O.R.C. “IFS was able to present impressive industry credentials and outstanding functional capabilities that support not only our current and future operational needs, but also our efforts to achieve EU MDR compliance by 2022. We look forward to a rapid implementation project that will leave us ideally positioned to deliver even more value to our customers through innovation, efficiencies and quality systems.”

Frank Beerlage, IFS Managing Director, Benelux, added, “Working with some of the world’s leading medical equipment manufacturers and life science companies, we are able to offer a value proposition that is unique in the market. We are honored that D.O.R.C., a highly respected brand in a demanding and competitive industry, has chosen us to provide the technological infrastructure for its future growth.”

The cloud-based business solution from IFS will be deployed at company sites in the Netherlands, the US, China, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, the UK, Sweden, Brazil, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates. When fully implemented, the solution will support mission-critical business processes including sales, planning, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, service, product management, regulatory affairs, quality control, project management, finance and human resources (HR).

Learn more about how IFS supports businesses in the life sciences at www.ifs.com/corp/industries/manufacturing/life-sciences/.

About Dutch Ophthalmic Research Center

As a supplier of techniques, instruments and equipment for ophthalmic surgery, D.O.R.C. actively contributes to high-quality innovations at a global level. We realize this thanks to our technical know-how and a clear policy. Yet mainly with our personal approach. The clients, surgeons from all four corners of the earth are D.O.R.C.'s focal point. Our approach is both personal and professional. We do everything possible to realize innovative and affordable solutions. And all of our efforts are subject to high ethical and moral standards. That is why, in close collaboration with the physicians, we continuously subject our procedures and products to rigorous evaluations. dorcglobal.com

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