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Enterprise Solutions for Global Business Operations

Anticipate change. Reduce costs. Increase performance.

Success in today’s business landscape requires flexibility, control and insight to meet rapidly changing market needs. Time is a vital commodity and always in short supply. Without the ability to make real-time strategic and operational decisions, companies miss a huge competitive opportunity.

Spanning enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) and service management, IFS software gives you the transparency, agility, and power to manage enterprise-wide operational excellence. With flexible components and deep functionality, you have the time to adjust strategies, enhance planning, improve functionality, and increase performance.

Enterprise Resource Planning

IFS Applications is an agile, highly usable enterprise resource planning software product for discrete and process manufacturing, project-intensive businesses and services companies.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise asset management (EAM) needs to be more than a glorified computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). It needs to accommodate asset lifecycle management (ALM).

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Service Management

Whether you are providing service in the field, in a plant, at a customer’s home or office, in a depot environment, on linear or other capital assets, or anywhere else, IFS Enterprise Service Management has a solution for you.

Service Management

IFS Applications

IFS Applications is a single, integrated application suite that enables global and demanding businesses to successfully handle four core processes: service & asset management, manufacturing, projects and supply chain.


IFS Maintenix

IFS Maintenix is a best-of-breed aviation maintenance management software solution specifically designed to help aviation maintenance organizations maximize the revenue potential of their assets through standard, lean, and predictable maintenance.

IFS Maintenix

Business Intelligence

Find out how IFS delivers true, real-time business intelligence as an extension of ERP, EAM or service management, without data warehouses and extensive integrations.

Enterprise Operational Intelligence

IFS Labs

IFS Labs is where we look beyond today’s expectations of enterprise software. Here we explore the potential of emerging and consumer technologies, digital trends and innovative solutions for a wide range of industries. IFS Labs is our door into the future.

IFS Labs