IFS Upgrade - Business Benefits

Going live on an enterprise software upgrade in a smooth, cost efficient manner takes planning, testing, and end-user involvement, but it starts by narrowing upgrade scope. A leaner, more technical upgrade simplifies end-user training, as well as testing.

To sum up, the keys to a lean, efficient software upgrade process include: 

  • By following a leaner, technical upgrade, time and cost are taken out of projects via factors such as less user training and acceptance testing. 
  • By doing away with many customizations via the use of configurable fields or standard functionality, there will be less time spent redeveloping and testing customizations. 
  • Time spent on upgrades by “super-users” and other users is broken down into more manageable phases when you follow a technical upgrade with targeted mini-projects to roll out select enhancements. 
  • By shortening the time involved in upgrade projects, there is less disruption to the business. 
  • From a software lifecycle perspective, a lean upgrade process delivers lower TCO while enabling the steady addition of desirable functions.

IFS Applications™

Agility. Flexibility. Mobility. Visibility. The ability to effortlessly manage diverse, far-flung operations. IFS Applications has always been great at delivering these. Innovations in IFS Applications 9 take all of these benefits further than ever before.


"We did an efficient upgrade for 14 countries in 6 months by having a focused scope control and an active management together with a strong commitment from IFS."

Dan Jensen, ERP Manager at Axis Communications.